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Media Link’s IP tenacity is hidden to none. Not only has it proven its metal in economical conversion and transportation of high quality data over a range of IP networks, it has also proved its excellence in superior quality hardware and software technology for quality content services. Media Link has made a mark, earned trust and served at unmatched levels to maintain this reputation. Across the various products and services by Media Link, one of its robust products is Media Link router.

Media Link routers are high performance devices that are designed to expand as your business does. These performance driven devices are bundled with port density to ensure lower cost per port, they offer your IP networks precise timings, virtualization and fully controlled monitoring of compressed and uncompressed video and audio streaming. Media Link has launched their routers under the category called MDX series. This series is created to support content providers with smooth video and data traffic transport between a single source to multiple destinations. This technology comes backed up with guaranteed high bandwidth, low latency and hundred percent quality IP content traffic service. Media Link envisions giving its customers a sense of control, power and reliability about their IP networks and their valuable virtual content. Some of the benefits and feature of the MDX series are:

  • You can conjoin the video with IP data on a single network
  • The third parties can integrate with the data transportation with the help of open APIs technology.
  • You can enjoy seamless data streaming, networking security, high availability on your open system with the support of EOS technology i.e. Extensible Operating System.
  • Media Links NMS (New Management Service) management system provides you with fully covered SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) management.
  • Media Links offers you high safety, availability and trustworthiness that covers redundant power supplies, checking for any loops, upstream and downstream redundancy and storm control.
  • This series offers you a strong network safety and a high speed data transfer performance.
  • For your large-scale networks, we provide you with high performance scope.

You can read the MDX series’ benefits and features section to look into many other benefits which Media Links offers you.

With such technology, a constant support to adapt to latest technological and business advancements becomes a requirement. Your business needs to branch out to more and more telecasting destinations on a strong trustworthy channel without scaling up the cost- is well understood by Media Link. Media Link understands this thoroughly and offers you with its unbeatable support services under three main categories:

1. Basic Support:

Under this category you get support from our team of expert engineers:

  • All software updates and releases. (Although software updates don’t include chargeable new features and products.)
  • Seven business day deport report services.
  • Seven business day defective hardware replacement.
  • Services are offered during business hours only (including remote diagnostics.)
  • You can reach us via telephone and email.

2. Premium Support:

Premium services include much more detailed oriented services such as:

  • A specially designed comprehensive range of services is provided for critical mission oriented operations.
  • A quick and thorough support for defective hardware replacement. We try to provide you with new hardware on the same day of complaint otherwise in challenging circumstances we ensure a 24-hour delivery.
  • Prompt and quick repair services are provided while minimizing the time involved.
  • You can enjoy discounted rates on packed professional services by Media Link.
  • We also offer you on-site support and training.
  • All software updates and releases. (Although software updates don’t include chargeable new features and products.)
  • All these services are provided to you 24/7 all year round without any exceptions.

3. Customized Support:

We understand sometimes the shape of the challenge can’t be generalized and can’t be fit into a regular set of solutions. Our team of experts, therefore, pays a close ear to the challenges you are facing. We sit with you to analyze and deconstruct the problem to pay detailed step by step solutions. We then create package services based on the analysis and serve you with ‘service level agreement’ to promise you support, service and trust on success.

To ensure a flawless running of your technology infrastructure Media Link offers worldwide support and service across:

  1. East Asia
  2. Americas
  3. Oceania, South Asia, South East Asia
  4. Europe
  5. Middle East
  6. Africa

We hope that this article has given you a comprehensive insight for the support system that Media Link provides for your business. You can get a much in-depth understanding of our products and services by browsing our official website. Further, for any kind of queries and support MyComputerRepair team of experts are happy to help you. You can reach us by email and phone call 1-800-828-6304 24/7.

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