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The multinational networking device company D-Link, has been serving you since 1994. It has served across various small and big sectors that include Home, Home office, small and medium businesses, large businesses, and Government and Educational sector. If we talk about one of its successful networking product- ‘router’, you can find n number of various product range under this category. Some of the products are- D-Link Modularized Router, Moduler Multi service access router, WAN Business access router, L2+ Ethernet Stack, D-Link Fixed Router and so on. They are tailored to match your personal or professional needs.

You will agree with us that in today’s ever-changing online landscape we need to keep adapting and upgrading to new technological advancements and innovations. These innovations bring newer challenges and rewards. D-Link router support team is always there to support you to resolve your technological challenges whether you are an individual using our routers or a big growing business in need of technological assistance.

We want to provide you with a comprehensively written assistance to support you in router related issues so that you single-handedly issues swiftly. Before you can do that, some basic understanding of D-Link Router and routers, in general, is a good start, to begin with. A router made of several important parts such as a processor, digital memory, and several ‘input and output’ interfaces. Its purpose is to forward or communicate several data packs between computers which form two or three networks. It operates on those two to three sub-networks at another network called ‘Open System Interconnection’ aka- OSI. By learning about its construction and purpose, are you not feeling surprised about the complexity of this tiny yet powerful device on which we so much depend on an everyday basis?

You will also agree that minor errors are bound to happen that may disrupt your connection. These disruptions can be hardware, software, or environment based. Some of the very common issues that can be instantly fixed are- stability of power connection to your device, overheating of the router, strength of signals of your router, and proper connection of all the cables, lights of the router and wires to router and computer that you are using. Also, area coverage of any router’s signals is based on its strength. So make sure you are not too far away from the router and expecting a signal. After checking your router based on all the given basic advice, if the connection problem still prevails, you should now follow this technical guidance:

1. Let’s re-start your D-Link router:

Sometimes a simple re-start works wonders. Maybe your router wants a break from constantly working. You can give it a sigh of relief by following the given steps:

  • Restart your modem and wait for thirty seconds.
  • Restart your router and now please wait for one minute.
  • Now restart your PC and wait for to full minutes. (Kindly restart the devices in the order given as per the time prescribed.)

Now open a browser on your PC and try to open any site. Generally, connection issues resolve with a simple restart. If the problem still persists, then don’t worry we have other solutions for you.

2. Let’s re-set your D-Link Wireless router.

Follow these simple step by step instructions to sort out this issue:

  • Unplug the Router from the Modem.
  • Connect it to the power socket.
  • Your routers come with a rest hole or key which is located at the bottom or backside of the router. Locate it, and press and hold it for at least 45 seconds. You can do so with any pointed object such as a pen tip. Make sure the object isn’t too sharp, in order to prevent the router from any damage.
  • Switch the power on and hold the reset key. Hold this key for forty-five seconds unless all the lights appear to blink together.
  • By now the lights on the Router should stabilize. It is a sign of the router being completely rest and ready to use. You Router is now all set to be used again.

If re-setting your router doesn’t work, don’t you worry; there is one more step that should rescue from connectivity issue.

3. Let’s try to factory re-set on your D-Link router:

To factory-reset your D-Link router, you need username and password to access settings of your router. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Press the reset button for ten seconds.
  • Release the reset button.
  • Now the D-Link router should automatically reboot itself.
  • Give a fifteen seconds gap before you resume resetting.
  • Now with the help of username and password re-configure your D-Link router. Make sure to match the new changes to the previous settings in order to allow your router to recognize all the other devices that are synched with it.

We hope this article gave you a good insight on steps to resolve router’s connectivity. If you still have any queries in following the above steps or have any other questions, MyComputerRepair team of experts is here to give you a customized solution to your router related issues. They are available 24/7 on 1-800-828-6304.

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