How to Fix Printer in Error State


A well-functioning printing system is centric to smooth functioning of any office space. Be it a small enterprise, a larger company or a Government space all-together, printing of documents is required one way or the other. If the printer stops functioning and gives an error that the ‘PRINTER IS AN ERROR STATE’, it could mean disrupting this smooth-functioning. Most probably, you should be able to easily perform these checks and solve the issue:

  • First and foremost, you need to check out for the connectivity of your printer device. This includes checking the Wall sockets, the connector sockets as well as the USB or the Ethernet cables connecting them to the printer and then connecting the printer to the requisite computer. Also check for the USB heads and their condition. Ensure that all USB heads and switches are plugged in properly in the desired sockets. Also ensure that the USB Cables are in good condition. If any issue found, try replacing the socket or the cable altogether for seamless connectivity. Any issue in these hardware parts could make the printer non-functional.
  • Now check for internal printer issues. Try switching off the printer completely, including the power socket. Wait for some 30 seconds and then switch on the printer. This may resolve some minor printer glitches. If unsuccessful, try printing a test- print sheet without connecting the printer to the requisite PC.
  1. If the printer is printing fine, the issue is not related to the internals of the printer.
  2. If the printer is unable to print the test sheet, open the printer. Look for any paper jammed inside as well as check for the ink levels. Also look out for some loose parts. If you find any of these issues, rectify them manually and try printing again.
  3. Internal printer issues can also be resolved by a hard reset. Ensure your printer is connected to a wall socket directly. Now remove the USB cable connecting it to the PC as well as the ink cartridges. Push the power button for some seconds. Now switch on the printer. If still not functioning, try it another 2-3 times. It may resolve any printer internal error. Try printing a test-page now.
  4. You could also test a printer by photocopying a test page.
  5. If the issue is still not resolved, contact the manufacturer of the printer.
  • If the printer is working fine without being connected to your PC, the issue is most-probably due to a software malfunction in your computer. Printer Drivers installed in your computer help providing commands to the printers. Ensure that the printer drivers are working fine:
  1. You could use the provided printer-troubleshooting module provided on all windows computer to search for device malfunctions on your computer. Go to the ‘CONTROL PANEL’ and select ‘DEVICES AND PRINTERS’. Right click on your required printer device software and select the TROUBLESHOOT option. Follow the steps provided by the module. In HP computers, this module is present in the name of Print and Scan Doctor and in Dell Computers with the simple name of Troubleshoot.
  2. Ensure that your printer drivers are all updated as per your operating system and printer versions. If not Update them. For this, Open the ‘CONTROL PANEL’ and select ‘HARDWARE AND SOUND’ option. Now click on the ‘DEVICES AND PRINTERS’ option. Look out for your printer and its exact version. Now go to the printer manufacturer website. Look for its drivers list. Select the exactly same printer and version that you have. Now, download the updated driver. Once downloaded the file, execute it and follow the steps required. You may also have to re-boot your system.
  3. To be on the safer side, you could also opt to uninstall and then re-install your printer drivers. For this, first go to ‘DEVICES AND PRINTERS’ in your control panel. Select the requisite printer and right click on it. Select ‘UNINSTALL’ and follow the steps involved. Now get the updated drivers from your printer’s manufacturer page and install it on your PC. Hopefully, it shall resolve your printer issue.
  • Another issue could be that your printer now has two instances on your computer. It shall enable printing errors from some work applications like the pdf, word, etc. This may occur due to an updated newer version installed on your PC. In order to sort this issue, go to the ‘ADMIN TOOLS’ and select ‘PRINTER MANAGEMENT’. Now open ‘ALL PRINTERS AND ALL DRIVERS’ option. It shall enlist all printer options and versions available on your PC. Right click on the unwanted ones and uninstall them. Print a test page.

Hope now all your applications shall smoothly be printing. In case of any other printer issue you are always free to call our talented pool of experts at our Toll Free Number  ✆+1-800-828-6304 who are available 24/7 to keep you worry-free regarding the use of these products.

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