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Windows 10 is the new offering from Microsoft’s wide bouquet of software and operating system developments. Touted to be the next big thing in terms of operating systems for Laptops, PC’s, Mobiles, etc, Windows 10 is already the choice of millions of Microsoft fans and customers worldwide. Simply stating, Windows empower most of the technology devices in the world and Windows 10 is its latest version. It is a far cry from Windows 7 and Windows 8 in terms of speed, features, efficiency and interface.

But Windows 10 also inculcates its own set of technical glitches. One of them is its issue with the various already downloaded printers and their drivers. They somehow seem to go into an ‘ERROR STATE’, when booted with Windows 10. Now, this obviously cannot be a printer issue as your printer at hand was obviously working fine on the earlier Operating System.

Thus, the issue lies with the upgrading to Windows 10 and its synchronization with the earlier installed printers. This issue can be resolved by following these steps:

  • Like all other Windows Operating System, Windows 10 also includes special software to solve all printer-related issues. It is called ‘TROUBLESHOOT’. To open this, go to the Control panel in the ‘DESKTOP’ folder. Click on ‘HARDWARE AND SOUND’. Then select ‘DEVICES AND PRINTERS’. It shall open up a whole list of installed printers. Right-Click on the required printer to open the drop-down menu and select ‘TROUBLESHOOT’. Follow various steps guided by the module. Hopefully, it shall resolve all your printer-software related issues.
  • If not, the issue could also be of your printer not being properly installed. To resolve this issue, click on the ‘START ’menu and select ‘SETTINGS’. Now go to ‘DEVICES’ and select ‘PRINTERS AND SCANNERS’. The list of installed printers shall be visible. In case, your printer is not on the list, it is uninstalled from the PC. To resolve this issue, there itself is a menu option of ‘ADD A PRINTER’. Select this option and follow the module steps to install your requisite printer.
  • If still unresolved, you will have to change the printer settings manually. For this, you will have to go to the ‘CONTROL PANEL’. Present under the ‘HARDWARE AND AUDIO’ option, select the ‘DEVICE MANAGER’ link. Lookout for the parallel port and double-click on it. It will now open a drop down menu. Open ‘PROPERTIES’. Select the ‘PORT SETTINGS’ option. Select ‘USE ANY INTERRUPT ASSIGNED TO THE PORT’ option and click OK. Most probably, this will solve your printer issue. Print a test-page to be sure.
  • You could also try to update your current printer drivers as per Windows 10. This could sure be your cause of printer- error. To resolve it, select ‘START’ and click on ‘DEVICE MANAGER’. Then, select ‘PRINTERS’. You will find a list populated with the attached printers to the computer. Select your specific printer and right-click on it. It shall open the drop-down menu. Now, select ‘UPDATE DRIVER’. It shall itself update the printer driver.
  • If still unresolved, in the search box of the task-bar, type ‘SERVICES’ and click enter. Now double-click on the ‘PRINT SPOOLER’. Select stop option and press ‘OK’. Now type ‘%WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers’, to find the printer-created file in the system. Select the ‘FILE’ folder and delete all files from the folder. Now, again open ‘SERVICES’. Double-click on the ‘PRINT SPOOLER’ option. Click on ‘START’ and from the startup type list, select ‘AUTOMATIC’. Click on ‘OK’’. This shall resolve all your Printer related software problems.
  • If still your problem remains unsolved or your printer is going back to its original settings during rebooting of your computer, you could try changing the connecting cable. Instead, of the regular connecting cable, you could use the USB-to-Parallel cable that makes the printer seem like a USB to the windows, who is then able to read it and execute it.

These steps shall synchronize your printer with WINDOWS 10 OS. In case of further issues, you can always call our talented pool of experts who are available at ✆+1-800-828-6304 24/7 to keep you worry-free regarding the use of these products.

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