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Nowadays, printers are used much more than just printing. Due to the advancement in technology, they can perform several functionalities. They can be categorized under all-in-one/multi-functional printers, which can perform the task of printing, copying, scanning, and fax. Apart from all these functionalities, they also support a major feature which can connect to devices wirelessly. This feature can be beneficial, especially if you want to print from your mobile phones, this makes it all the easier to perform printer functions.

With so many brands launching up in the market every day, choosing the right one for you is always a risky business. HP is one of the leading and the most popular brands. This brand was set up by William Bill Redington Hewlett and David Dave Packard with its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Their budget-friendly printers come with a great print quality, worldwide customer care support and run for a long time.

Types of Printers Available from HP

A printer can be defined as an external output device which takes data from a computer as an input and generates output in the form of graphics/text on a paper. HP is a reputable company that makes quality printers for small to large Business, Enterprise, and Home purpose. Some of the best printers offered by HP are as follows: –

1. HP Sprocket: These are portable prints which let only one user to print stickable photos from your smartphone in a size of (5 x 7.6 cm)

2. HP DeskJet: It comes with the option where users can access and print photos on your smartphone, from social media, the cloud, and your camera-roll gallery. Ink can be ordered using the app and files can be scanned using a camera with easy shareable options like email or cloud. You can print fast and seamlessly by setting up Wi-Fi from the phone.

3. HP LaserJet Pro: They allow users to create best-quality color output professional prints for office use. It supports automatic two-sided printing so that paper wastage can be reduced to 50%. Additionally, the in-built Ethernet connectivity will ensure fast queuing of documents, with security and monitoring tools that can be managed by HP Web Jet admin software.

4. HP LaserJet Enterprise: They are having printing speeds up to 75 pages per minute which makes them high-speed performer. They offer multi-layered protection with secure printing to keep your data safe from attacks in real time and help keep your network safe.

5. HP Officejet: They are known for not only offering wireless printing, but also let you manage printing tasks or can on the go with the HP All-in-One Printer Remote mobile app. They support multiple connectivity options, like Wi-Fi enabled, and fax capabilities. HP Officejet printers offer incredible portability, easy mobile printing, wireless connectivity, long-lasting battery life, and much more. They support Print, scan, and copy functionalities and are half the size with all the features of a typical all-in-one office printer.

6. HP Page Wide: This new Page Wide Technology has enabled businesses to reach new levels of performance and competitiveness. These printers are backed by the reliability and extensive service and support. They are best in terms of total cost of ownership and fastest speeds, incorporating secure printing and best-in-class energy efficiency features.

Printer Maintenance Tips

No matter which printer you choose, there are certain tips which should be followed by every user to make them keep running smoothly.

  • Run a cleaning cycle once a month to maintain high print quality.
  • Keep your printer dust free. Dust is the main factor which can get trapped inside it and cause it to malfunction.
  • Never use torn or crumpled paper in your printer’s feed. This is the main reason for paper jams. Even if it jams don’t yank out the paper; gently pull to remove it.
  • Replace and refill ink cartridges if its showing low ink cartridges. Printing on low-ink can damage your printing head.
  • Make sure to turn off your printer when not using. They produce a lot of heat which can dry up the cartridge while on and this can in turn clog the header.
  • One of the most important facets that numerous users overlook is updating their printers with the latest drivers. Install the latest drivers from the manufacturers will help keep it in great working condition. HP Update regularly checks with an HP Internet server to see if newer versions of your software exist and display a list of updates.
  • If possible try to use your printer regularly. Even if you don’t use it regularly, your cartridge will dry up. Henceforth, it would be a good idea to print a page or two sporadically to keep them in good health.

Why Avail HP Printer Support Services?

Even after rigorously following aforesaid tips, there might be some incidents where you might need help from our support services. At times, you might face small errors which can be fixed by using simple tricks and techniques. There might be some occasions where printing was fine a few days ago and now HP Printer is displaying a 50.4 error messages which means the document can’t be printed or 0xc18a0001 which means an error related to Ink System Failure. The exact text of the error messages varies by the printer. The listed tricks need to be followed to eliminate errors:

  • Update all the printer drivers installed in your system and check if they are configured correctly. Also, run the HP troubleshooting program.
  • Stop using the printer and restart the spool, which may be beneficial.
  • If still the problem is not resolved restart your computer and update the operating system to its latest version.

The best part about our support services that even after performing the above-mentioned tricks, if you are still not able to remove the issue, you can always consult with the proficient and genuine technicians who are accessible at Toll Free Number ✆+1-800-828-6304 anytime, anywhere. These technicians are certified experts from a recognized organization and provide you needed help and support.

You will come across multiple contact numbers as these numbers are designed as per the different geographical location of users. Most of the times, error messages will clearly appear on the monitor. Nevertheless, in some cases, the cause of the error can be mysterious.

Having any issues with your HP Printer?

Instead, of looking for the exact solution for the printer error, it’s better to first try a series of routine troubleshooting steps first suggested by HP which can be easily accessed at where a virtual assistant will help you resolve some common listed issues. You can also call HP printer support number where our talented pool of experts who are available 24/7 at ✆+1-800-828-6304 to keep you worry-free regarding the issues of products. If these steps fail to fix the error, you may also find the solution on the HP website.

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