HP LaserJet Printer Error B0605


You may see HP Printer Error B0605 error message popping up if the firmware of your printer gets crashed. Firmware gets crashed due to inappropriate behavior, like: turning off the printer while the vital firmware update one is going on. This issue could be resolved by following the troubleshooting steps, like get the firmware re-flash in the BootCode mode and after that try rebooting your printer. Though firmware re-flash won’t help always, but yes, it is one of the best major you can take as a first step. If the error message is displayed then your printer won’t be booted up in the ready state.


There might be two causes due to which this error is received:

1. You have installed the software driver of P2050 series printer on the PC previously
2. Software driver of P2050 series printer is not installed previously on the computer


Case 1: Installation of driver was done previously on PC

  • Ensure that printer is places in the bootcode mode

• Keep holding the OK and Cancel buttons
• Keep the power of the printer ON
• Make sure that you are holding the buttons till the time Hewlett-Packard in first line and the Bootcode in second line is not displayed by the control panel

  • Check carefully that your printer is connected to the PC through USB. After that run the firmware HP LJ P2055
  • Now go to the drop down list and after that click on the button of Send Firmware

Observe the panel of printer control carefully and make sure that on the control panel Downloading Update Data is flashing up along with the Programming App Flash. Wait, till the time upgrade utility gets finished. Your printer will be automatically restarted, and you will be able to see, Ready, displayed on control panel.

This means your firmware is recovered successfully.

Case 2: Installation of driver is not done previously

  • Install the driver

• Then get the printer installation CD inserted to it
• After that go to the Start first and then to Settings and then to Printers and Faxes in Windows Operating System
• In order to get the Add Printer Wizard started click on the Add a Printer, and then click on the Next button
• Then check the local printer that is attached with the computer system. After that make sure that you remove the checkmark from Install my Plug and Play printer and Automatically detect box and then hit the Next button
• Then go to the port of Use the following and select the FILE and tap on the Next button
• After that, click on the button of Have Disk
• Go to the CD Drive and browse it, where the printer installation CD was previously inserted. Click on the OK button
• Click on the next button by highlighting the HP Laser Jet present in installation CD of the printer. After that tap the Next button
• By specifying the name of the Printer, hit the Next button
• When, DO you want to print a test page? pop up, click on NO and then tap on Next
• Click on the button saying Finish, and let the driver install
• You will see that Verify printer is present in the window of Printer and Faxes

  • Placing the P2055 in the bootcode mode

• Keep holding the OK and Cancel buttons
• Turn on the power of the printer
• Keep on holding the buttons, until you see the display of the control panel flashing Hewlett-Packard in top line and Bootcode displaying on second line. Your printer is now in the mode of bootcode

  • Go to the window of Printer and Faxes and on the icon of the HP LaserJet P2050 Series PCL6, do right click and choose the Properties
  • Then by clicking on the tab of Ports, you can see USB ports
  • After that get the Property window closed
  • Then ensure that USB cable is plugin from PC
  • You will see the Found New Hardware Wizard popping up and enumeration of USB will start taking place
  • Then open the Printer Properties again and choose the tab of Ports again
  • Then tick mark the correct port in ports tab
  • Click on Cancel if the window of Found New Hardware Wizard pop ups
  • Run the Firmware Update Utility
  • Now from the drop down choose the printer and then tap on the button of Send Firmware
  • Keep a close eye on the control panel and make sure that control panel is flashing the Downloading Update Data along with the Programming App Flash. Wait till the time upgrade utility gets finished. Automatically the printer will be restarted and you will be able to see, Ready, flashing on the display of control panel. The firmware is recovered successfully
  • Close the New Found Hardware Wizard

Troubleshooting the Printer Error B0605:

Step 1: Get the Firewall upgraded of the Printer

• First of all, get the correct firmware downloaded
• Then reload the upgraded and basic firmware
• Pull the power cord and turn off the power of the printer and let it remain same for few seconds
• Plug in back and get the printer started up
• Check whether the error is removed or not. In case it is not, then try the next step

Step 2: Reinstalling the toner by removing it first

• Disconnect and turnoff the printer’s power source
• After that remove the toner mesh and paper tray as well
• Turn on the power of the unit for at least 50 to 60 seconds and then turn the power off again
• Get the paper tray and toner mesh installed again
• Turn on the power of the unit and make sure that the power is up of the unit before getting the test page printed

Step 3: Reflashing firmware

• Enter the boot mode and make sure that firmware is reflashed, also reboot the printer
• This reflashing will help you to get rid of the error

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