Fix HP Printer Printhead Error Code 0xc19a0023


If you are facing the HP printer error 0xc19a0023, this article might be helpful.


This error is seen when there’s a problem with the HP Printer printhead, or the printer/ink system has failed.


1: Using authentic HP cartridges

If authentic HP cartridges aren’t used the solutions provided here might not work. If the problem persists despite the use of genuine cartridges the steps provided below must be taken.

2: Resetting printer

After turning on the printer, users must wait till it is idle and silent. Then the power cord must be disconnected from the printer and unplugged from the wall outlet.

After about a minute the power cord must be plugged back into the wall outlet.

NOTE: The printer power cord must be connected straight to the wall outlet.

Now the power cord must be reconnected to the printer and the printer turned on. Users must wait until the printer is idle and silent.

If the problem isn’t fixed go to the next solution.

3: Checking ink levels

Low ink or empty cartridges can also cause the error. If an ‘Ink Alert’ message appeared prior the error ink cartridges must be replaced, which might solve the issue.

Users must check the printer’s control panel for ‘Estimated Ink Levels’ feature. If ink levels can’t be seen in the control panel, users must check their PC operating system.

Windows Vista/7/8/10: After finding the printer model name users must click on it which will open the HP Solution Center. Now users must select ‘Settings’, followed by ‘Print Settings’ and then ‘Printer Toolbox’.

Then, the ‘Estimated Ink Levels’ tab must be selected which will show the ink levels.

4: Cleaning ink cartridges vents and contacts

NOTE: Distilled/bottled water must be used for cleaning as tap water contaminants might damage the printhead.

After turning on the printer, the ink cartridge access door must be opened. Then, the tab at the front of the ink cartridge must be pressed to release the cartridge and remove it.

The cartridges must be kept on a clean piece of paper and the ink opening must point upwards.

NOTE: The cartridges must not be left outside the printer for more than 30 minutes, as this could damage the printer and the cartridges.

If any cartridge has an orange tab, it must be removed.

The vent area at the top of the cartridges must be checked, and clogged vents must be cleaned with a pin.

Then, using a clean, slightly damp, lint-free cloth any ink and debris on the copper-toned contact on the cartridge must be wiped away.

Now, a cartridge must carefully insert into a slot and pushed down till it snaps into place.

Every colored dot on the cartridge label must match the colored dot on the carriage.

The user must run a finger along the cartridge tops to check that the cartridges aren’t protruding. If any cartridge is protruding, it must be pressed down firmly into place.

Then, closing the cartridge access door, the control panel must be checked for the error.

If the error persists, the printhead must be manually cleaned.

If there’s no error message, a document must be printed for checking print quality. If print quality is good, the problem is solved. If the print quality is poor, the automatic printhead cleaning utility must be used.

5: Cleaning printhead with an automated tool

The printhead might be blocked and it might have to be cleaned many times for improving the print quality. So, an automated tool must be used from the printer’s control panel to do this.

6: Manually cleaning the printhead

If the error wasn’t fixed by the cleaning tool, the printhead installation might have been incorrect, or ink and debris might have collected on the printhead’s electrical contacts.

NOTE: Distilled/bottled water and not tap water must be used for cleaning.

After opening the cartridge access door, the tab on the ink cartridge front must be pressed and released to remove the cartridge.

The cartridges must be placed on a clean paper, with the ink openings pointing upwards.

The latch handle of the cartridge must be lifted till it stops and the printhead must be lifted to remove it from the ink carriage.

NOTE: The nozzles or electrical contacts must not be touched with fingers, but only with cleaning materials.

The plastic ramp on the ink nozzles’ sides; the edge between the nozzles and contacts; and the electrical contacts must be cleaned with as many clean, slightly damp and lint-free cloths as needed and then wiped with a dry lint-free cloth.

Then, ensuring that the ink carriage latch handle is up, the printhead must be reinstalled.

Next, the ink carriage latch handle must be carefully lowered.

Now, the cartridge must be reinserted into the matching letter and colored dot slot and then the cartridge must be pushed down till it fits into place with a snap.

Reinsert the ink cartridge into the matching letter and colored dot slot, then push the ink cartridge down and forward until it snaps into place.

If any cartridge is protruding, it must be pressed down till it fits into place with a snap. Then the cartridge access door must be closed and the printer control panel must be checked for any errors.

If the error persists, go to the next step.

7: Replacing the printhead

A new printhead assembly must be installed in the existing printhead is damaged or isn’t compatible with the printer. The cartridges mustn’t be removed before a new printhead is at hand. Leaving the cartridges outside the printer for more than 30 minutes can damage the printer and the cartridges.

8: Servicing the printer

If the above steps weren’t helpful, the printer must be serviced or replaced.

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