Error : HP Printer Cannot Connect to Server


This article provides a few solutions if an HP printer cannot connect to the server.


1: Checking if printer supports web services

If there’s an HP ePrint logo/button/icon on the printer’s control panel, web services are supported.

If there’s no icon/button, or user is unsure if web services are supported, this should be checked in ‘Mobile printing solutions that are compatible with HP printers’.

If web services are supported, proceed to the next step.

2: Checking network and printer connection

  1. First, check if wired (ethernet)/ wireless network is functioning and printer is connected.

The printer shouldn’t be connected to a USB cable, as this will printer from connecting to web services.

  1. If a wireless router is used, the router’s documentation must be checked for these requirements:

Router band: All HP printers don’t support 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz bands on which routers operate. The 2.4 GHz router must be enabled and should broadcast. If router supports 2.4 GHz, connect printer to this frequency SSID (network name), else to the 5.0 GHz SSID

Bonjour support for Mac: Connecting with Bonjour, Apples’ network discovery software helps find printer and support wireless printing.

  1. The printer mustn’t be connected to a guest/host network: networks in schools, hotels or homes that permit guest logins.
  2. Check that the printer is connected to a network:

Wireless connection: Open ‘Wireless Network’ or ‘Settings’ menu in printer to check that wireless facility is turned on, and wireless icon light is a solid blue. If the blue light blinks, printer and computer must be shifted closer to router and away from large metal objects; the printer must also be shifted away from microwaves and cordless phones.

The printer must then be reconnected to the network and the wireless light must be blue and solid.

Wired connection: The cable must be connected to the printer’s ethernet port and to a port on the router. The green link light should be solid and the orange activity light must blink when connecting the cable.

  1. The network icon in the computer’s menu bar must be checked to see network name and connection status.

If on a guest network, reconnect to own network and then turn on web services.

If network strength is weak, printer and computer must be shifted closer to the router and away from large metal objects; the printer must also be shifted away from microwaves and cordless phones.

If there’s no network connection, check that network is functioning and check connectivity again, which can be verified by a check mark or connected status seen beside the network’s name.

Now, web services must be turned on and if the error isn’t fixed, go to next step.

3: Restarting printer, router, and computer

After restarting, web services must be turned on and if the problem isn’t solved, go to the next step.

4: Turning on web services via an embedded web server (EWS)

First, a network configuration page must be printed, and on the page, the URL9s) for the embedded web server address must be located.

In EWS URL is, the printer doesn’t have network connectivity. It must be connected to a network, after which troubleshooting should be continued.

Next, the EWS URL must be entered into a web browser on the computer. The URL address must be entered in the browser’s address box and not in the toolbar search box or search engine.

If a website security certificate is seen in the browser, select ‘Continue’. The EWS webpage will open, confirming that the printer and computer are on the same network.

Select ‘Web Services’ tab on the EWS webpage.

Then, on the ‘Web Services Setup’ page, select ‘Continue’, ‘Turn On’ or ‘Enable’ and follow the directions on the screen.

If the issue isn’t fixed, go to the next step.

5: Checking Internet proxy server settings

Windows: Search ‘Internet’ and select ‘Internet Options’ from the results. In ‘Internet Properties’ window, select ‘Connections’ tab, choose the network and select ‘Settings’. The proxy settings will be shown in the network settings menu.

Mac: In ‘System Preferences’, select ‘Network’, and in the network window, select ‘Advanced’ and then the ‘Proxies’ tab, and select the proxy if needed.

Note the proxy server connection’s address and port values. Then from EWS, select ‘Web Services’ tab and then select ‘Proxy Settings’.

Now, type the proxy server connection’s address and port values and select ‘Apply’ and then turn on web services. If the problem continues, go to the next step.

6: Updating printer’s firmware

Printer updates are periodically released by HP. After updating the printer’s firmware, web services must be tried again and if the problem is still not solved, go to the next step.

7: Update router’s firmware

Type in the router’s IP address in a browser’s address bar and press Enter. If needed, login to the router’s online setup page.

Now, find the option to update firmware in ‘Administration’, ‘Utilities’, ‘Tools’ or ‘Maintenance’ menu and check the documentation provided with the router or contact the maker.

Router firmware outdated: Follow directions on-screen to update firmware and connect to web services. If the problem continues, go to next step.

Router firmware up to date: Go to next step.

8: Servicing the printer

The printer must be serviced/replaced if all the previous steps were completed.

HP Technical Support – Scope of Service

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