Epson Printer Error Codes


Printers are an everyday requirement and when it comes to choosing a printer, Epson is the name you can completely trust upon. Around the world, Epson is a leading name in printers. They provide a range of printers that are not only suitable for businesses but also for homes. Yet, you often come across frequent printer errors that are a cause of irritation. There is an interruption in your work and you feel frustrated. If you happen to come across this situation frequently, then we suggest you have some knowledge about these errors and also their probable solutions. We provide you with a list of Epson printer error codes that often appear on your printer. This would be of great help to you. You can check the Epson printer error code on your printer and try working on the solution to resolve the error.

So next time, when you experience a printer error code, do not panic and use your understanding. You would be able to see the error on the upper-right corner of the LCD screen. Chances are that you would be able to resolve the error without any technical help.

Error I-01 or Error W-05

Reason: These error codes appear when either your printer is out of paper or you have fed the printer with multiple pages.

Solution: You should use the page feeder and then either reload or load more paper in the sheet feeder. After this, you should press ‘Start’ and continue to work.

Error W- 02 or W- 03

Reason: This error appears only in a situation when there is a paper jam in your printer.

Solution: This simple problem has a simple solution. You should remove the paper jam and your printer would start working again.

Error W- 04

Reason: The Epson printer error code W- 04 indicates that the cover of the cartridge of your printer is not closed properly. It is open and that is why your printer is not working.

Solution: You should close the cartridge cover and then press ‘Start’. You would be good to print your documents again.

Error W-10 or W-11 or W-13 or W-41

Reason: These errors codes are related to the ink cartridge in your printer. The ink cartridge could either be empty or not installed properly.

Solution: You should check the ink cartridge and see if:

  • The ink is all used off, and then you should replace it with a new ink cartridge.
  • You have recently replaced the ink cartridge, then chances are that you have not installed it properly. You should try installing it again and then press ‘Start’. This would move the cartridge to the replacement position. Now, you should press down the installed cartridge and press ‘Start’ to continue.
  • Your printer is able to recognize the ink cartridge. If it is not and that is why the error is getting flashed on the LCD screen, you should try replacing the ink cartridge.

Error W-12

Reason: If your Epson printer shows error code W-12 on the LCD screen, this means that your printer is not recognizing the ink cartridge.

Solution: To rectify this error, you should replace the ink cartridge.

Error I-11

Reason: The error code I-11 is related to a memory card inserted in your printer. When the memory code is not detected by the printer, this error appears.

Solution: A simple solution for you to resolve this error is to insert a memory card. You should try working again after you are done with this.

Error W-30 or W-31

Reason: The Epson error code W-30 or W-31 appears on the LCD screen of your printer if the memory card in your printer:

  • Has not been installed properly.
  • Is not supported by your printer.
  • Does not have media files that are compatible with your printer.

Solution: To resolve all these issues, you should remove the memory card and check all files. Inserting a different memory card may also be of help to you.

Error I-50

Reason: The reason for this error to appear is the index sheet, which is visible on the scanner glass. You will find that this sheet has either not been placed or positioned properly.

Solution: You should look for the marks on the sheet. Accordingly, you should, position it correctly and try taking a print again.

Error I-51 or I-52

Reason: The Epson error code I-51 or I-52 appears on the LCD screen of your printer if on the index sheet:

  • No photos are selected.
  • Paper type is not selected.
  • The corresponding ovals are not marked correctly.

Solution: To solve this issue, you should check the marks on the index sheet and position it correctly. Only after you are sure that you have positioned it correctly, you should be trying working on the printer again.

Error I-53

Reason: Error code I-53 flashes on your Epson printer whenever there is a problem with the index sheet not matching the photos inserted through a memory card.

Solution: To solve his issue, you should replace either the memory card or the index sheet. You should check what works for your printer and try to resume printing.

Error W-01 or Error E-10

Reason: Epson printer error code W-01 or E-10 occurs if some parts of the printer need to be replaced.

Solution: You have no choice but to call Printer technical support and get the part replaced.

Error E-01

Reason: This error could be because of paper jam.

Solution: You should turn off your printer, remove if there is any paper jam and then turn it on. If the error still appears, you should call the technical support people.

We believe that using these tips, you would be able to resolve the error without any technical help. However, if any of the error still remains, you can call our ✆+1-800-828-6304 talented pool of experts who are available 24/7 to keep you worry-free regarding the issues of products.

If you have an issue with your Epson printer and get assistance by phone, you can dial the Epson printer toll-free number ✆+1-800-828-6304. Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1 are easily tackled with the help of Epson Printer technical support. We provide the best Epson customer service to our customer. Our team is well-experienced and trained experts to resolve the issues.

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