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Canon is a one stop solution for all your needs for imaging and optical products. This eighty years old company supports its customers thoroughly across the range of its innovative products that spans from inkjet and laser printers, fax machines, scanners, projectors, multi functional peripherals, digital copiers, all in one digital cameras, digital SLR cameras, lenses, accessories, dye- sub photo printers, semiconductors, cable ID printers, and card printers. Canon not only boasts this good range of products but also backs it up with its innovative green technology that focuses on the creation of smaller, lighter and recyclable products that supports the optimal use of resources. Not only this, Canon extended its hand further to take up the responsibility of transporting the ‘end of life’ Canon products and e-waste to govt. approved recycling agencies to ensure its responsibilities towards our environment.

This eighty years reputation has a well known secret i.e. customer care support. Canon understands the need for support in case any of its products stop working or responding to your commands. In this article, we will talk about Canon printers, their common issues, and their troubleshooting methods. Let’s look into some cases here:

Canon Printer is Not Responding

1. What to do when your wireless LAN Canon printer stops responding:

There can be various causes for a scenario where you can get ‘Printer not responding’ message. Here are a few troubleshooting methods:

    • In case your computer or router loses the internet connection, you need to restart your PC to restore the internet connection.
  • If you find your router and your wireless Canon Printer are not communicating, in that case, you switch off both the router and your wireless Canon Printer. After a while, by switching them again you will be able to restore the connection.
  • Sometimes your wireless Canon Printer isn’t able to catch the connection and hence fails to proceed with your printing command. This can be due to too much distance between the router and your wireless Canon Printer. Make sure they are placed well within each other’s range.
  • Firewall in your computer is given to ensure your PC safety against malicious threats and unknown devices. Therefore it can be a possibility that the Firewall of your PC is blocking your wireless Canon Printer to form connectivity with your PC. In such as the case you need to configure the settings of your Firewall software in order to allow the ports to accept the wireless Canon Printer you are using.
  • As a default setting your wireless Canon Printer comes with the ability to select nearby access points for internet connection. So it can be possible that your wireless Canon Printer has connected to a different access point and therefore not responding to your command. To resolve this matter kindly confirm the common network’s name and password which is shared between your PC and your wireless Canon Printer. There are step by step instructions given on our official website on how to select the right access point for Windows PC and iOS computers.

2. Do you want to reset your Canon Printer?

Sometimes a reset is needed to allow your Canon Printer to adjust to any new updates and new settings that you have made. In order to restart your computer, kindly follow the steps given here under:

  • Firstly switch on your Canon Printer.
  • You will find a ‘Reset’ button on your Canon Printer. Please press and hold it for awhile.
  • Along with pressing holding the ‘reset’ button, you also need to press and hold the ‘Color start’ button which located on your device. Press and hold these two keys for five seconds.
  • Now you first need to release the ‘Color start’ button and then release the ‘Reset’ button.
  • Your Canon Printer will now take approx. twenty seconds to re-configure itself.
  • You will now see the number ‘1’ on the display. Now you need to press and hold the ‘Tool’ button. This step will make the letter ‘A’ appear on the display.
  • Along with pressing the ‘Tool’ button, press and hold the ‘Reset’ button.
  • Hold until you see no more flickering lights on your Canon Printer.
  • Now you release the ‘Tool’ button and the ‘Reset’ button. This step completes the resetting of your Canon Printer.

3. What to do when your Canon Printer is not recognized?

Your Canon Printer is designed to get automatically recognized by your PC. In cases where it doesn’t happen automatically, the following can be the reasons. Their solutions are also given with them:

  • Sometimes your Canon Printer isn’t switched on. Simply switch it on to get it automatically recognized.
  • Bad USB connection is another common reason for zero recognition of your Canon Printer on your PC. To resolve this, simply ensure a proper connection between your PC and your Canon Printer with the USB cable.
  • Sometimes even after ensuring a proper USB connection, we find the problem is still prevailing. This happens because the printer has been switched on before installation of the ‘printer driver.’
  1. To resolve this matter, switch off your printer.
  2. Disconnect the USB connection.
  3. Now re-connect the USB cable.
  4. You will now see a ‘USB connection’ drop box on your PC screen. After it appears, please switch on your Canon Printer.
  • Sometimes the problem arises due to wrong USB cable being used. USB interface environmental friendly cable is required which should have ‘Hi-Speed’ and ‘USB’ features.

We hope to give you a comprehensive guidance through this article about the common issues that disturb the working of your Canon Printer. You can find more solutions to other common problems related to your Canon Printer through articles, user manuals which are provided on our official website. In addition, our team of experts is always on the look-out to support you in any given way. You can reach us at ✆+1-800-828-6304 24/7 to get a customized canon printer support for your doubts and queries.

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