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Canon Printer Error 5100


These days whenever it comes to work, computer products like printers and fax machines are the most essential things. A reliable name for such products is ‘Canon’. However, the situation turns annoying when the printer does not work and instead of a neatly printed paper, you get a message ‘Canon printer error 5100’. This usually happens either when the printer is turned on or when the printer is still preparing to print. You feel stuck and don’t know how to handle such a situation with a Canon printer error 5100. Here are some tips that might help you understand the issue, resolve it and get back to work.

You would come to know that there is a problem with the printer as the LED light would blink twice and a message would be displayed as ‘Error 5100 An error occurred in the carriage encoder signal.’ This would simply mean that the printer is unable to detect the carriage in the printer.

Reset the Canon Printer

Now, to correct this error, you should first try to find the probable reason so that there is an appropriate solution to it. You should start by trying to reset the Canon printer. Many times the error happens only because of a crossed signal between the Canon printer and the computer. A simple rebooting of the Canon printer might be a solution to the problem and you might just continue your work without any issues.

Clean the Printer

If this does not help, you should try opening the Canon printer and check in case there any pieces of paper or dirt stuck inside the printer. Even a small piece of paper can be responsible for your trouble. If you find anything, clean that and check if the Canon printer error 5100 has cleared or not.

If you feel that your Canon printer has a lot of dust or dirt, you should simply use a damp paper towel and clean the Canon printer. However, please be careful and check that the paper towel has no lint and it is absolutely clean. Sometimes a simple clean-up of the Canon printer can resolve your problem. Now, check if the Canon printer error 5100 has cleared or not.

Oil the Purge Cap

In most cases, cleaning the Canon printer would help, however, if the error 5100 still remains, move on to the next step. This would involve oiling the purge cap. You must be wondering what a purge cap is? Nothing complicated, it is a simple sliding mechanism that the printer head parks into when it is not in use. To improve its functioning, it has to be lubricated from time to time.

Now to do this, you should remove the right panel from the device and rub a little white grease along the sliders. Make sure that you do not apply any grease on the small wipers or the black caps otherwise you may end up making things worse. After you are done with this, put the panel back and plug the printer. Check if the Canon printer error 5100 has gone or not.

Check for Paper Jam

Another probable reason for the Canon printer error 5100 could be some kind of paper jam. If you find this to be the reason for the printer error, work towards removing all ink cartridges and hit them will a blower. After this, carefully set the ink cartridges back.

Clean the Timing Film

If all this does not help, you should clean the timing film as this often leads to an error 5100 message. This timing film is nothing but a thin piece of plastic that runs across the width of the device below the drive belt. It has fine vertical lines that run along it. If this film becomes dirty then your printer would definitely display an error 5100 message. To clean this, simply use a damp lint free paper towel and wipe it off. Once you have cleaned the strip, plug the device back in and see if the error message has cleared.

Reinstall Print Driver

In case, you are still in a fuss, check the print driver and get set to install it again. Though it could be the least possible reason for the Canon printer error 5100, there is no harm working on it.

Customer Support

We hope that with these tips and tricks your problem would be resolved. However, you can always call our talented pool of experts at ✆+1-800-828-6304 to resolve all your computer problems. They are available 24/7 to help you deal with all kinds of issues related to Canon printer support.

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