Brother Printer Paper Feed Not Working


Brother printers have been the world’s first high-speed dot matrix printers. This promise of innovations, fine performance and reliance has been at the core of the company’s printer manufacturing since 1971. They have covered a good range of customer needs across home and personal uses, small businesses to large scale businesses and offices; to the smart world of portable printing options for the innovators who are on the go. Brother offers you Inkjet, Color Laser, Mono Laser printers that work on wired, wireless, networked and even on the cloud. They also offer All-in-One printers which allow you to print, copy, scan, and fax just from one device. Brother’s products are designed to tailor to your needs and expectations.

In your fast-paced life, understanding your unique needs we provide you with smart and hassle-free printing options. At the same time we also understand that there can be days where due to internal or external factors, your Brother printer can face some performance problem such as paper feed stops working. For such cases and many other Brother’s printer related issues, we have provided troubleshooting support on our website for you. In this article let us look into the paper feed issues such as- ‘misfeed of the paper’, ‘printed papers don’t get stacked neatly’, ‘paper jam gets displayed on the LCD’, ‘feeding multiple pages’ etc.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

1. As the first step, please ensure the papers are loaded properly on the tray. Some other points related to paper, type of paper, paper stack placement are as follows:

  • You can readjust the stack of paper and put them neatly to avoid any paper from getting stuck.
  • Ensure the desired print side of the paper should face downwards.
  • The stack of paper should be placed flat and should avoid any folds. Any paper with crumbled, wrinkled, or folded patterns or texture will only cause you paper feed issues. To save you from micromanaging your paper stack, we provide you with Brother paper that are specially designed to fit the printer’s specifications to give you a perfect smooth printing experience.
  • If you wish to use glossy paper to print your document or image on, there is some advice for you:
  1. The coated side of the glossy paper is shiny. While taking a print on glossy paper, one should place that shiny side downwards on the paper tray.
  2. Please make sure you don’t touch the shiny side and leave marks all over it.
  • The stack should not exceed the maximum ‘paper mark’ limit.
  • Make sure the paper stack is placed close enough to the machine but not too close as it may cause you paper feed trouble later on.
  • The width of the paper stack can be adjusted with the flaps provided on the tray.
  • Please make sure the paper stack consists of one type of paper to ensure a smooth running.
  • You should also keep in mind the paper specification that your Brother printer requires. We provide you with a latest User’s guide in the manual section on our official website to help you choose the right size of paper your printer needs.

2. The paper support flap should stay unfolded.

3. The paper pick-up roller should stay clean. To do so follow the given steps:

  • Pull the paper tray completely out of the printer.
  • Switch off and unplug the AC power of your Brother printer.
  • Pull the Jam clear cover out.
  • With the help of isopropyl alcohol, please clean the paper pick-up roller. You can use a clean cotton cloth to do so.
  • Now put the Jam clear cover back. Make sure it is properly set.
  • Place the paper tray back as well.
  • Now you can switch on the AC power plug and your Brother printer should run smoothly.

4. For further detailed step by step Brother Printer Technical Support support you can also refer to our manual section. It provides you with:

• User Guide:

In User Guide you can find:

i. Basic information about your Brother product. It comes in a PDF file which is offered in two languages namely English and English (US/Canada.)
ii. You also get User’s Software Guide. It comes as a PDF file which is available in the two above mentioned languages.

• Setup Guide:

This guide is created to give you a step by step process of installing your Brother product. It comes in a PDF file in two languages namely English and English (US/Canada.)

We hope this article gave you a good insight to solve Brother Printer paper feed problems. The support from Brother Company doesn’t stops here. We provide you with FAQ section on our website where you can read customer’s views, experiences and also add your comments. Further, our team of experts is happy to help you out with any queries you have that hasn’t been covered here in this article. They are a phone call away and available at your service 24/7 on ✆+1-800-828-6304.

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