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Say goodbye to the slow start of your computer. No more you have to wait till eternity to make your PC run a simple program. In this article, we will share a few very easy steps that can help your PC to speed up and run smoothly. The tips shared in this article require a basic understanding of Windows PC which can make you single-handedly optimize your PC.

Your computer can be slow due to various reasons such as too many applications running in the background at once, lack of storage space, too many visual effects used, viruses and malware etc. One fundamental thing that you should always keep in mind is to allow your computer to have enough disk space and never to overload it with too many functions at once.

Now, let’s look into some solutions:

1. Troubleshooting for a better PC performance:

This is the first thing you can try to speed up your PC. You can resolve several dormant issues as Performance Troubleshooter checks and fixes several issues automatically. The Performance Troubleshooter checks the common reasons that might slow your computer down. For example: how many users are logged on to the computer at a particular moment or are there too many programs running at the same time.

You can open the Performance Troubleshooter by clicking the ‘Start’ button on your PC. From there you can go to ‘Control Panel’ through which you can select the option of ‘Troubleshooting’. Finally, under ‘System and Security’ option, select ‘Check for performance issues.’

2. Do you know how many programs are running in the background when you first start your PC?

You might ask how can I tell how many programs are running in the background when I switch on my PC!? Well, one obvious way can be to observe the taskbar of your PC when it is starting up. You can easily tell that a few programs are gearing up to start with your PC. You can further look into ‘Hidden Icons’ option to check other programs and application that are running too. Make a list of all those software and application that are unnecessarily running and are of no use to you anymore. This option works fine to fix a few software programs at hand, but what about those applications that you can’t reach out to through this method?

Microsoft website offers a very simple tool that you can download for free. This tool exposes all the software and programs that run in the background. Simply go to ‘AutoRuns for Windows’ program and then uncheck all the boxes next to the names of the programs you wish to stop.

3. Clean up your Hard Disk

Your PC collects every single the information right from the day it was purchased. Information like downloads, different types of software, files, documents, music, photos, and so on. All this leads to a good amount of collection of temporary files, files in Recycle Bin, system files- as residual information etc. You should get rid of the residual information to free up space on your Hard Disk for your PC’s Optimization.

4. Disable some Visual Effects for a fast performing PC:

Sure you love Visual effects on your PC. Yes, they are very impressive but think about the amount of work you are expecting your PC to do when it just starts up, and then we still expect it to jump-start!? Not fair right? Disabling a few visual effects can really give your PC a sigh of relief. You can either turn off some effects manually or allow Windows to do it for you. You can resist a few effects like transparent glass look, shadows under the drop boxes, style of opening and closing of menus etc. To do so follow the tips as follows:

a) Click ‘Start’ button to go to ‘Performance Information and Tools’ via ‘Control Panel.’
b) Then select ‘Adjust Visual Effects’ option. At this stage, you might be prompted for admin login. Enter your admin name and admin password to continue. Further, click on ‘Adjust for best performance’ and finish the step by clicking ‘OK.’ You can also allow Windows to do this for you by selecting ‘Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer.’

5. Check for Virus and Spyware:

If you see your PC running much slower than usual, or you are seeing unexpected messages that pop up on your screen from time to time, or programs running without your permission, or you hear the sound of your Hard Disk working almost constantly; chances are your PC is facing Virus and Spyware trouble.

Spyware is a type of program that installed on your PC without your knowledge to keep a check on your online activities. To combat this you should use ‘Windows Defender’ and other Antispyware software. Similarly, the best way to deal with the virus is to prevent them in the first place with the help of antivirus.

Other PC Optimization methods include:

  1. Run fewer programs at the same time.
  2. Defragment the Hard Disk.
  3. Get rid of programs and applications that you never use.
  4. Get into the good habit of restarting your computer regularly.
  5. Add more memory to your PC.
  6. Change the size of virtual memory.
  7. Regularly Check your PC’s sped.

By following these recommended PC Optimization tips, you can save the wear and tear of your computer, save your precious time and have an irritation-free interaction with your PC. After all, we want you and your PC both to be happy and efficient!

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