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Wondering why your PC is getting slow, getting heated up and facing problems in running software and applications, whereas in the past it never had such issues? Well, the answer is over time, your PC is bound to face such troubles. PC Health Check comes in handy to help you rescue your computer from such troubles.

Let’s first understand what ‘PC health Check’ is. It is basically a process of optimizing your PC’s performance in several departments such as data storage, running of applications and software, internet safety, and so on. Let’s have an in-depth look at how PC Health Check helps and improves your PC’s performance:

1. Enhances Disk Space

You PC love space and the PC Health Checkup exactly does that. It scans for recoverable disk space by deleting Temp Files in Temporary Folders, Recycle Bin, and other long-standing unused locations.

2. It checks the autostart programs

When you switch on your PC, sometimes in the background some applications and software also start up automatically. They eat up your PC’S memory which results slowing your PC down. PC Health Checkup looks up for such types software and applications and deletes autostart settings, points at missing files and therefore help in preventing your PC’s with start-up problems.

3. Optimizes System Registry:

Sometimes your PC collects way too many Windows and program settings registries. This overloaded information in the form of unused, invalid and broken entries clutter up the System Registry which eventually affects your PC’S performance. The overload of such registry entries, also sometimes prevents your PC from installing any new application. All this leads your PC to chock up and slow down. To save your PC from such a situation you need PC Health Checkup that deletes such registry entries that are no more required.

4. Keeps you safe online:

Every time you visit any website or download any kind of file, you are asked to download small text files which are called cookies. They are provided to you for a customized online experience and easy access to known websites at a later point in time. With this ease and convenience comes a risk too. If we look at the situation from a different point of view- you are creating a recognizable online pattern that describes your likes, dislikes, interests etc. If this information comes into malicious hands, it can be used to recognize you, steal away information from you and therefore affect your privacy. PC Health Checkup cleans away all such cookies, web history and any other web footprints you have left in order to keep your online safety intact.

5. Gets rid of Software History

You obviously have some favorite apps on your computer. Some are used for leisure and entertainment and other are used for business purposes. But imagine this information comes in the hands of spyware! Of course, you don’t want that to happen, and that’s why PC Health Checkup protects you here too. It cleans up your list of recently opened Windows, Windows Office Software, Windows Media Player and so on.

6. Keeps you safe while you use Instant Messaging

Your online messaging details, online transaction logs, chat histories, purchase histories, screen names used, list of item viewed and downloaded etc, are your right to know about and nobody else’s. Unfortunately, hackers and spyware are always on the look-out for such information. To help you in your privacy combat, PC Health Checkup cleans up all such details.

7. Scans broken Registry entries

PC Health Checkup scans the following broken registry entries to maintain an optimum smooth running of your PC:

a) Shared DLL
b) Help File
c) HTML Help File
d) App Paths
e) Uninstallation

This strong measure for your PC’s health comes with an advice to bear in mind:

PC Health Checkup deletes files permanently. Therefore once you have run PC Health Checkup, you will no longer be able to restore any deleted files such as cookies, browser history, except for ‘autostart settings’. Therefore, it becomes important to keep the Windows System Restore always on. Enabling it will allow you to restore any information that you may lose accidentally.

On the other hand, if you ever wish to switch off the PC Health Checkup you just need to follow these steps:

Go to ‘Settings’ page on your PC. Under ‘Security and Tune-up Control’ category, you will find ‘PC Health Checkup’ option. By clearing the checkbox of ‘Include PC Health Checkup with Quick scan and Full Scan’; you will be able to switch off the PC Health Checkup protection. We do not recommend you to do this as you shouldn’t take your PC’s safety lightly.

For any further questions and assistance about PC Health Checkup, feel free to contact our team of experts at 1-800-828-6304. They are available 24/7 to help you with your PC related queries.

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