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New updates in Windows 10 in 2018


Microsoft never stops surprising you with the new launch of software and technology. This time Microsoft brings you a range of exciting new updates in Windows 10, which you can’t simply resist.  Behold the launch of Window 10 Insider. It has revamped the entire user experience. Whether you are a PC enthusiast, a game lover or are in business, Windows 10 Insider has something to offer to each one of us. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. OneDrive Files on Demand:
    Microsoft has introduced OneDrive Files on Demand for Windows Insiders. It allows the users to access his/her files on the cloud without having to download and save them in their PC storage space. Not only does this feature save your PC storage space, this feature gives you a better online control too. It allows the user to cancel or block any application from downloading an online-only file.
  1. Touch Keypad and Pen Input:
    Microsoft has made your writing experience easy and customized. The touch keyboard offers a range of language to choose from including Russian, Persian and Vietnamese. It also supports simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. By downloading the specific language pack you can enjoy this experience. This personal experience has been enhanced by shape writing and text prediction support.
  1. Windows Sonic, spatial Sound for PC:
    You can now experience the amazing Windows Sonic, a spatial sound effect on your PC. This lifting experience can be enjoyed by simply plugging in a pair of headphones, followed by a right-clicking on the sound icon in the notification area and then by selecting ‘Spatial sound’ in order to choose your preferred format. This feature can be configured on your 5.1, 7.1, or Dolby Atoms for home theatre effect.
  1. Microsoft Edge:
    Microsoft has made the transition easier between Google’s browser to Edge by allowing the users to migrate cookies and settings. Further, you can see a lot of improvements to ‘ePub’ support on Microsoft Edge.
  1. Focus Assist:
    The latest Microsoft update is called ‘Focus Assist.’ It helps you to stay in the focused zone when you want to work and want no disturbance. On enabling this mode, Focus Assist hides all social media activity and their notifications. After you complete your task, Focus Assist provides you with a summary of what has happened when you were focusing. It is a smart social snooze option because it allows you to screen what to snooze and what to still allow in your quiet time such as important calls or emails.
  1. A smart dictation to Windows 10:
    We know you are already feeling powered up, but allow us to stretch that smile ear to ear! This update comes with an improved dictation in Windows 10. All you need to do is to place your cursor in any text field and press ‘Win+H’ and then start talking. This feature will help you capture your ideas so that they can be accessed at any time in the future and they never get lost.
  1. Outlook
  • Outlook.com has just got even smarter. Now it will identify the incoming bills received via e-mail, present you a summary card at the top of your e-mail list and add their dates to the calendar as a reminder. And just to ensure you never miss a bill payment due date, like a good friend, it will send you a reminder e-mail two days before the due date! Isn’t it your new helping hand?
  • Not only this, Outlook has made it easier for Windows and iOS users to attend important meetings and other special occasions. It suggests and pings you based on previously used rooms, locations, the list of attendees, the proposed meeting time of the day, traffic updates, weather etc. Now that’s truly a smart way to manage your precious time, isn’t it?
  • For the business users, Outlook will now keep an eye on your scheduled meetings, events, interviews, appointments etc to make sure you never miss them. In the case where you decide not to attend the meeting due to any reasons, Outlook can help you allow your colleagues to attend to the matter. You can enjoy this support by Outlook within your country and across multiple time zones too! Isn’t it exciting and a smart way to manage your precious time?
  • The list doesn’t end here, you can now interchangeably manage email drafts on your Apple mobile and laptop. Outlook now supports companies that use SOCKS proxies for added security. And it also offers you ‘Office Lens Support’ with which you can embed any picture of important information to emails.
  1. Addition of GPU monitor to Task  Manager:
    Microsoft has introduced a smart way to watch real-time utilization for CPU, RAM, disk, and network. It is done with the help of GPU information panel which you can find located on Task Manager performance tab. This tab shows you GPU utilization information for each separate GPU component such as 3D and video encode/decode, graphics memory usage graphs. Moreover, it shows you the GPU utilization information for each process too.
  1. Gamers, we have great news for you!
    Microsoft has added a new ‘Xbox Networking’ section under ‘Settings’ option under ‘Gaming’ category. Windows will help you in identifying and resolving any issues that prevent you from using voice and playing multiplayer games with other Xbox Live users!
  1. And…

The list goes on to more improved features in Windows 10 apps such as ‘My People and Calculator’, ‘Currency Conversion’ feature etc. It has also launched ‘Reveal Highlight behavior’.

For further information on the latest improvements and updates in Windows 10 in 2018, you can check the official Microsoft website. In addition, to answer any query on your end, we are happy to help you. You can reach our team of experts any time 24/7 on 1-800-828-6304

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