Why is My Computer Running Slow?


How often do you feel frustrated if you have to do certain task on your computer and suddenly it becomes slow or freezes up? Windows computers don’t become slow without any reasons. Whether your system has progressively become slower or it suddenly ground to a halt, there could be moderately a few reasons for that slowness. In this article, we have covered some of the important reasons which makes a windows computer slow and useful tips given by professionals which can resolve relatively certain problems and make your computer faster than before.

Tip 1: End Resource Eating Programs

Your computer becomes slow because there are certain programs which are utilizing your system resources. If it becomes slow suddenly then might be some process is using 95% of your CPU resources, or there could be some memory leak because of some application utilizing a huge amount of memory. The best option is to find out through Task Manager. Press Ctrl+Shift+Escape on windows computer to open it. Its upgraded interface will provide an overview of which applications consuming a lot of resources. If you find any simply click on end task to close it.

Tip 2: Closure of System Tray Programs

There are times when you might not be aware that numerous applications run in the notification area or system tray. When you install a new application, an option always appears to launch them at startup. If you will opt for this option, programs will be running in the background. Click the up-arrow icon near the system tray, right-click any applications and close them to free up resources.

Tip 3: Deactivate Startup Applications

Try to avoid opting for launch of applications at the startup to save memory and it will speed up the login process. Open Task Manager by entering Ctrl+Shift+Escape keys. Click the Startup tab and deactivate all those start-up programs which you don’t want. Windows will also suggest you about which applications will make the startup process slow down.

Tip 4: Disable Animation Controls

Windows has its own animations which can make a computer a bit slow. To deactivate animation controls, press Windows Key + X or right-click the Start button and select “System.” Click “Advanced System Settings” on the left. After that, under Performance click the “Settings” button. Choose option “Adjust for best performance” under Visual Effects to deactivate all the animation controls. You can also select “Custom” and disable the individual animations you don’t want to see.

Tip 5: Remove Unnecessary Browser Extensions and Add-Ons

Try to use less amount of extensions and add-ons because they will not only slow down the browser, but also consume more memory. Simply open your browser’s Add-ons or Extensions and remove the unnecessary ones. You can enable click-to-play plug-ins.

Tip 6: Remove Adware and Malware

There’s a greater possibility that your system has become slow because of adware and malware which are running in the background. To be on the safer side, install a good anti-virus and scan your system. You can also use Malwarebytes, one of the best application for detecting adware and malware which are often ignored by most of the anti-virus programmes.

Tip 7: Run Disk Clean-up Tool

Your computer will run slower if your hard drive is full. There won’t be any need of any additional software. Simply running the Disk Clean-up tool which is be default included in Windows and your purpose will be solved.

Tip 8: Uninstall Irrelevant Programs

Removing programs which are not used frequently can definitely speed up your computer. Programs consists of several background processes, AutoStart, system and context services, and many other things which are responsible for slowing down the computer. Open the Control Panel and uninstall all irrelevant or not so used frequent programs from the system.

Tip 9: Update Windows and Drivers

Make sure your computer is installed with latest Windows updates and Drivers for hardware. If your computer’s drivers are out-of-date, then it leads to numerous issues and one of them is slow performance. Try to run Windows Updates at frequent intervals or enable automatic updates.

Tip 10: Upgradation to SSD Drive

Out of many bottlenecks, major reason which can make a computer slow is the kind of hard disk drive your computer has. Upgrading from to a Solid State Drive (SSD) from normal hard drive can enhance the system performance to a great extent.

Tip 11: Re-installation of Windows

If none of the above tips were able to fix your issue, then one last but not the least solution to fix Windows problems, apart from restarting your PC is getting a new Windows installation. The process is quite simple and fast on modern version of Windows. You can merely opt for “Reset your PC” feature in-built into Windows, one of the simplest ways to get a fresh Windows system. This process will delete your installed programs and system settings although keeping backup of your files.

It is always suggested to run your system at ultimate performance. With due course of time, regular utilization of system fragments your hard disk and builds up unnecessary files. Bad computer habits are the main reason for system slowness. For example, using many programs concurrently, instead of restarting your system putting the system to sleep on regular intervals, surfing the Internet with numerous browser windows, unnecessary adding plug-ins and extensions, and ignoring to perform maintenance on frequent intervals. All of these factors can add up to bad computer performance.

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