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You are focusing on your work online and suddenly you are bombarded with a lot of pop up ads, isn’t it annoying? Furthermore, there is a different variation of these pop-ups which is called ‘pop-under’ advertisement. As the name goes, these windows appear below your current screen and when you close your working window, only then you realize their presence. How incredibly irritating these unwanted ads can be! Not only they are source of annoyance, but they sometimes can be dangerous too. As some popup windows may contain an embedded virus or spyware.

We found a fact from the history of popups, which only added to the annoyance. As per Wikipedia- ‘Pop-up ads originated on the Tripod.com web page hosting site in the late 1990s. Ethan Zuckerman claims he wrote the code to launch advertisements in separate windows as a response to complaints of displaced banner ads. He didn’t invent the pop-up window. Zuckerman later apologized for the unforeseen nuisance pop-up ads had evolved into.’

We know after reading this you want to quickly get rid of the pop-ups your computer is struggling with. So let’s jump straight into the ways which can rescue your PC from the famous or let’s say famously-infamous’ Pop up ads.’ Blocking pop up ads is done from the ‘Settings’ section of the browser you use. Therefore, following are the tips based on browser specific remedy:

1. For Firefox users:

Firefox cannot block sites on its own as Google Chrome and Safari can. Don’t worry; you can still work around it. You should install extensions that will detect and block sites with unwanted and sometimes dangerous content such as restricted content, virus or malware embedded pop-ups. Further for a more comprehensive method, you can edit the host’s file to ensure that the sites remain blocked regardless of which website is being used. Services like ‘OpenDNS’ will be the most effective in case you wish to block sites on multiple devices on your network.

There are various extensions available for Firefox that allow you to block sites. Although, these are only available for the desktop version of Firefox.

  • To start, Click on ‘Menu’ button on the Firefox page that you have just opened.
  • Now select ‘Add-ons.’ This will open a new tab which will display your installed plugins.
  • Click on ‘Get Add-ons’ button which will show you some featured add-ons for Firefox.
  • You can further look for add-ons market by clicking on ‘See more add-ons’ option. Here you can find ‘Block Site’ extension.’ Also, there are lots of different extensions that can block and filter websites such as ‘site block’, ‘parental control’ and so on.
  • After choosing your desired extension, click the ‘Add to Firefox’ button and then ‘Install.’ This will add your desired extension to your Firefox installation.
  • You will be now prompted to restart your computer.
  • Now click on the ‘I don’t want to help’ option in a new tab. This will prevent your browsing data from being sent to extensions such as Block Site.
  • Open the settings for ‘Block Site’. After opening it, please return to the ‘Add-ons’ tab and then click on the ‘Extensions’ section.
  • Further, click the ‘Options’ button which you can find next to ‘Block site.’
  • Next step is to tick mark the ‘Enable authentication’ box to set up a password for greater control and security.
  • You will be now given an option of choosing between ‘Blacklist’ and ‘White list.’ By selecting a ‘Blacklist’, you can block any website of your choice. Whereas if you choose the ‘White list’ option, all the websites will be blocked except the ones you are adding.

If you are a parent you will find ‘White list’ option as more effective for your children because you can limit them to just a few safe websites to ensure their online safety

2. For Safari users:

Usually, pop up windows are by default blocked when browsing with Safari for your general online safety. But if you still experience pop up ads annoying you, you can use the following steps to switch on the native popup blocker for Safari:

  • As a first step, open the ‘Settings’ option on your laptop or iPhone. The ‘Setting’ option is the grey icon with gears on your home screen.
  • Scroll down and click on the button- ‘Safari.’ This is about halfway down the page.
  • You will now see the button that reads- ‘Block Pop-ups.’ Against this button, you will have the option to slide this button on or off based on your requirements.
  • Safari offers all off or all on option. Unfortunately, you can’t block the pop-ups for a few web pages of your choice.

3. For Google Chrome users:

If you wish to get rid of the pop-up ads on your computer or you wish to block some specific pop up ads for some specific websites, follow these simple steps.

  • Open Google Chrome on your PC. On the top right-hand side next to the search tab, you will find the ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ option.
  • Now select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down list.
  • On the settings page towards the end, you will find the option that says ‘Advanced.’
  • After clicking it, near the ‘Privacy and Security’ section, click on a button that reads ‘Content Settings.’
  • Scroll down and click ‘Popups.’ Switch off pop-ups by sliding it to the left which makes it grey in color.
  • If you wish to block popups from some specific websites then you can do that by clicking ‘Add’ under the ‘Blocked’ section of the menu and by entering the URL of the site from which you wish to block the content.

For any further support in blocking the annoying pop-up ads, you can reach to our team of experts who are happily available for you 24/7 on 1-800-828-6304.

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