Outline/Overview of Windows Vista Repair Options


Windows Vista is Microsoft’s operating system that followed Windows XP and preceded Windows 7 which was released on 30 January 2007 worldwide. Its release came more than five years after the introduction of its predecessor, Windows XP, the longest time span between consecutive releases of Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems.

Windows Vista has inbuilt repair and diagnostic tools which can be used if the system is not functioning properly. The main functionality of these tools is to analyses issues and fix them without booting into Windows. Because of this greater flexibility it becomes easier to fix problems which can’t be resolved normally. In this article we are going to guide you in step by step process on how to use Startup Repair features while starting Windows Vista to fix problems automatically. It will also cover on the usage of advanced repair tools.

Perform Windows Vista Automatic Repair with Startup Repair

In case if your Windows Vista system is having difficulties in starting, then the first step should be to use Startup Repair which is the best automated repair tool of Vista.

  • It is a diagnostic tool which can be easily accessible through Windows Recovery Environment. For starting Windows Recovery Environment, boot your computer using Windows Vista DVD.
  • Insert the DVD into DVD drive and switch on the computer. Once the computer starts, BIOS listing hardware and other information of the system will come up. After the screen is clear, a message “press any key to boot from DVD” will appear on the screen.
  • Press any key from the keyboard and a message at the bottom most “Windows is loading files” will appear. Once the progress bar will become white, a screen with a message loading windows will appear. The Windows environment setup will continue and once finished, a screen with options to Configure language, currency and time in Setup will appear.
  • Once done and click on Next button. Vista setup screen will appear with two options “Install Now” and “Repair your computer” will appear.
  • As our motive is system repair, choose “Repair your system”. After selection, a fresh screen with the Options for System Recovery will appear.
  • Choose the previously installed Vista version for repair and for selection of any other elements, select Load Drivers option. Otherwise, click Next button.
  • Select Startup Repair option under this recovery tools list. After starting of Startup Repair tool, scanning of Vista installation for any problems will start. If any issues are detected it will try fix the problems automatically.
  • The process of automatic repair can take some time, as it will search, discover, and repair any system issues. Throughout this procedure, the system might reboot several times. You might also be prompted to perform computer restore via System Restore option. Click on “Cancel” option as a better option is available under Advanced Tools option.
  • After completion of repair process, you can also choose an option “send your information to Microsoft”.
  • The information sent to Microsoft will be used if the same issue is faced by other people as well so that they fix it or create a guide on how to rectify it. If you want to inform Microsoft, select Send information about this problem (recommended) option. If not, select Don’t send option. A summary screen will appear.
  • Press Finish button to restart your system and finish the repair process. To try other advanced options, select View advanced options for system recovery and support. If your problem is not fixed with “Startup Repair tool”, then choose “Advanced tools” option.

Overview of Advanced Tools

Vista offers advanced tools for repair which can be used to fix issues related to Vista installation. To access these tools, start your system using the aforesaid procedure or choose Cancel option while doing the Startup Repair process. In case of detection of no issues, a list will automatically appear. It will display a screen with System Recovery Options and 5 options will appear under it.

Option1- Startup Repair

It is an automatic repair process which will not only examine Vista installation for problems abut also tries to fix them automatically. Any time in between the process you can cancel it to access the other repair tools.

Option 2- System Restore

This option will allow users to restore their driver related information, system’s configuration, and programs to a preceding state even though maintaining the intactness of the data. You should also enable System Restore in Vista to use this option, so that there are restore points accessible which can be restored.

Option 3- Windows Complete PC Restore

It is a tool which permits user to restore their complete computing environment via backup image which was created earlier. The capability to creating backup images is only available in all Windows Vista Editions. After going through all the steps of repair, and having a prior Complete PC Restore backup image for the time when your system was working properly, then this option can be beneficial for restoration.

Option 4- Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Apart from above mentioned 3 options, Vista comes with another diagnostic tool which permits users to check installed memory in their systems for faults. It will check if the error coming in your system is due to installed RAM or not.

Option 5- Command Prompt

Last but not least this repair tool will permit users to access a command prompt which can be used for accessing the registries and files related information on their systems. It is an irreplaceable option available for eradicating all kinds of security threats such as rootkits, worms and other malware in their systems and plays a vital role in accessing files when Vista fails to boot up.

Having sound information of the aforesaid tools, and how to implement them, any user can repair their Windows Vista installation in case of any problems. You should feel confident now as you can fix the issues.

In case of any queries related to the usage of automated repair or the advanced repair tools, get in touch with our experts who are available 24/7 to resolve your issues. We have a dedicated support team which is equipped to provide you with the highest quality assistance. We repair Vista problems and restore your computer back to its original condition.

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