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Microsoft Outlook: A Brief Introduction

Besides, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, an important component of the Microsoft Office suite is the Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is mainly used as an email application. But it also includes with it a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing. It can be used as a stand-alone application and also with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server. Here, multiple users can use the software as shared mailboxes and calendars, shared documents, project notes sharing, collaborating with colleagues, sending reminders and many more such services. Today, Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email, being simple to use and with many advanced features. Hence, Microsoft Outlook is very useful in organizations. It can be used on Windows, and in most mobile platforms, including Macintosh, iOS and Android.

Various Versions of Microsoft Outlook

• Windows: There are various versions of Microsoft Outlook for Windows, starting from MS Outlook 2002 to the present MS Outlook 2016, which has new features like Attachment link to cloud resource, Groups redesign, Search cloud, Clutter Folder and Email Address Internationalization.
• Macintosh: Several versions of Outlook for Mac OS are also released and used mostly on Exchange servers and available to users from administrators or by download. The final version was Mac 2001, similar to Outlook 2000 and 2002. In 2014, Office 365 was released for Microsoft Outlook for Mac. This is a software, which makes Office programs available as soon as they are developed.
• iOS and Android: In January 2015, Microsoft Outlook was released for phones and tablets. It can sync email, contacts, calendar and files from Office 365, Exchange Server

How to get MS Outlook Tech Support?

Like all other software products, even MS Outlook has its problems and hidden glitches which can affect your work and efficiency. Some problems are temporary, some arises out of nowhere, some are persistent problems like freezing, start-up issues, sluggish working, which affect the regular flow of your daily official or personal activities. There are various ways by which you can get help with your Microsoft Outlook. These are as follows:

Microsoft customer support

One common method to get Microsoft Outlook support is to contact our customer support at our official website.

  • Visit the customer support page
  • Write your problem in the box given
  • Click Next
  • Select your product from the drop down list
  • In this case, select “Outlook”
  • Now select your issue from the options given
  • Once your issue is selected, you are directed to the “Get more support” page

Here, there are three ways to resolve the issue

  • Chat online with an expert and get the necessary guidance
  • Call 1-800-828-6304 Support at the given Toll-free numbers on the page
  • Or ask the worldwide MS outlook users’ community for troubleshooting

Microsoft Support Online

Another option is to check on the website for useful resources and knowledge guide. There are many MS Outlook resources, featured training, and featured topics available for Outlook for PC/Windows, Outlook on the web, Other versions of Outlook, and on the Microsoft official support page. So whenever you get stuck on using MS Outlook, our customer Support online is of great help.

The steps are:

  • Open Microsoft Office Support (
  • Click on Outlook
  • Write your problem on the Search field
  • You will find the list of solutions of your problem
  • Or else you can click on the Trouble shooting tab on the page

When you click the Trouble Shooting tab, you will get a list of common problems and other problems associated with the use of MS Outlook. Click on the problem which is relevant to you. Complete instructions will be given to solve. Follow the steps given to solve the issue on your own.

However, this is a time-consuming process. This process is suitable for those users who are not in need of an urgent solution and also for those users who have the technical expertise to solve the problem on their own.

Get Professional Microsoft Technical Support: Contact Us

This is the best option to get Microsoft Tech support. Get professional help to resolve your problem quickly or easily. A professional Microsoft Outlook Support provided by us can solve all issues associated with MS Outlook.

Common problems associated with MS Outlook

  • Activation and product key
  • Password recovery
  • Account and billing
  • Setting up
  • Technical support
  • Buying and Licensing

Other tech problems associated with MS Outlook

  • Problems in using Support and Recovery Assistant for Outlook
  • Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Cannot open the Outlook Window
  • Outlook not responding, freezes or hangs
  • Switch from working offline to online
  • Fix messages that are stuck in the Outbox
  • Problems in sending and receiving messages
  • Fixing your Outlook email connection
  • Adjusting Calendar, Task Manager
  • Problems in importing contacts to and exporting contacts from Outlook
  • Problems in filtering junk and spam mails etc.

For immediate support with your Microsoft product, we are there to help you

Don’t worry. We will provide you the help you need. Give our support team a call at 1-800-828-6304. Explain us your problem. We will try to provide you a step-by-step guide on resolving the issue. If this does not work out and you are still facing problems, our technical experts will visit you at your location and rectify the problem of your Microsoft Outlook.

We provide all types of technical services to Microsoft Outlook and other products. We have all the necessary tools and systems to manage different problem scenarios effectively. Right from issues related to email configuration on Outlook, creating or adding a new e-mail account, to Outlook software update, the Microsoft Outlook support team is always available. We provide timely inputs when organizations or individual customers approach us. Our MS Outlook Tech Support team has deep product expertise and can solve any issues.

We are available 24/7 to give you uninterrupted service and keep your businesses productive around the clock. For any problematic issues related to MS Outlook, get in touch with us immediately. Call us now!!!

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