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Windows XP is an operating system from Microsoft’s Windows family of operating systems and was introduced in the year 2001. The “XP” stands for eXPerience. It was made available in two different versions, Home and Professional. The company’s main focus was on mobility, such as technology, plug and play features for connecting to wireless networks.

There are numerous reasons behind files getting corrupted. This is the main reason which can make all the programs run slow. Fortunately, reinstalling or repairing Windows XP is a simple and straightforward procedure. When your computer hardware appears to power up okay, but the operating system won’t boot properly, you need to follow some simple steps for installation no matter which version you use. Microsoft XP Repair installation is important specially to keep your data protected but need to restore the Windows XP system files to their original state. This is often an easy fix for complicated issues.

Step by Step Process to Do Windows XP Repair

Microsoft XP repair installation doesn’t modify any data, on your hard drive, it is always advisable to take a backup of your data in an external hard disk as a precautionary measure so that you should not lose any data.

Points to Consider Before Starting Repair Process

  • Take full data backup of some of the folders like Desktop, Downloads, Pictures and Documents folder.
  • Though product key code is not required in case of repair installation, but it’s advisable to keep a product key code of Windows XP which is a unique code, in case you are not able to repair, then you might require to perform a fresh installation. If you are unable to locate it, you can also get it from your existing installation.

The following steps can be implemented in case of both versions of Professional as well as Home Edition.

Step 1: Boot with the help of CD

You will require to boot with the given XP CD in order to start with the process of repairing Windows XP. If the message “Enter any key to boot from CD” appear on the screen, any key from the keyboard should be pressed to start the booting process from the CD.

Step 2: Installation of Third-Party Drivers

Select all necessary drivers and files necessary will load. In the starting, a message “Press F6 key for installation of a third-party driver” will appear. If the installation for repair has to be done from a XP SP2, this step can be skipped. Press F6 to load any essential drivers, in case of installation has to be done for Windows XP older version having SATA drive.

Step 3: Start Set up Installation

Setup screen for Professional or Home version will appear, after loading of essential drivers and files. To start Windows XP setup, Press Enter key.

Step 4: Accept Licencing Agreement

On the Agreement screen, read it carefully and if you agree then, press F8 key.

Step 5: Choose Windows XP Repair Installation

After done with the licensing part, a message will appear to choose an installation type. Choose between two options install a new copy or repair. By default, option for single windows installation will be highlighted. For several installations, select keyboard arrow keys, select the installation you want to reinstall. To continue, Press the R key, to select repair installation.

Step 6: Deletion of Previous File

At this step of Setup, all system files will be deleted the from the Windows XP installation that is presently on your system. This step will take some time and no end user involvement is required.

Step 7: Installation Files Starts to Copy

In this step, all necessary installation files will be copied from the Windows XP CD to the hard drive of the computer. It will take few seconds and there will not be any end user intrusion is required.

Step 8: Repair Begins

Repair installation will start automatically. No user intrusion is needed.

Step 9: Selection of Language Option

While installing, option to select Country and Language will appear. In the first segment, you can change the default language and the location. If you want any modifications, select Customize and follow the instructions carefully which appear on the screen.

In the second segment, you can change default input language and device of Windows XP. Select Details in case of any modifications and follow the instructions on how to change input languages. Afterwards, click Next >.

Step 10: Select Domain Name or Workgroup

At the step, two options will appear for Domain Name or Workgroup

  • If installation is on a one system or on a home computer network, choose No, this computer is not on a network, or is on a network without a domain…. If you’re on a particular network, feed in workgroup name details. Else, don’t change the default workgroup name and proceed further.
  • If installation is in a commercial environment, choose Yes, make this computer a member of the following domain and feed in domain name details with prior permission from system administrator.
  • In case of any doubts, select No, this computer is not on a network, or is on a network without a domain…. You can always modify your options after logging into the system. Click Next >.

Step 11: Finalization of Repair Installation of Windows XP

The installation of repair will now get finalized.

Step 12: Restart and Boot Process

Your system will reboot automatically and Windows XP repair installation will start.

Step 13: Final Setting Up Procedure

At this stage, the Welcome screen of Microsoft Windows XP will appear.

Click Next ->.

Step 14: Optional Choice to Register with Microsoft

Microsoft Registration is not a mandatory option, if you want to register, select Yes, I would like to register with Microsoft and select Next -> to follow the instructions appear on the screen.

If not, select No, not at this time option and click on Next ->.

Step 15: Create User Account

At this point, separate accounts for every user can be setup. Minimum one name should be entered and maximum 5 users can be added. Additional end users can be added once repair installation of Windows XP is finished.
Once account names are entered, select Next -> to proceed.

Step 16: Final Setup Finish and Wait for Windows XP to start

All necessary files and settings will be installed configured.
Click on Finish -> Windows XP will now load.

Step 17: Completion of Reinstallation

This completes reinstallation process of Windows XP! Congrats! The main stage once reinstallation is complete is to update windows for installation of Microsoft’s newest fixes of bugs and updates to guarantee that your repaired installation of operating system is protected and up-to-date.

With Microsoft ending all support for Windows XP in April 2014, this might be the perfect time for an upgrade. Microsoft is not providing any technical support or security updates for the Windows XP operating system. It is very significant that customers and partners should migrate and start using a modern operating system like Windows 10. For any issues related to repair installation, call our talented pool of experts who are available 24/7 to resolve your issues.

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