How to Get Microsoft E-mail Support?


About Microsoft

It was in the year 1975, the world’s most popular multinational technological company Microsoft was formed by 2 childhood friends, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It was at a time when most Americans use typewriters, and these two friends set up their company, originally Micro-Soft to manufacture microprocessors and computer software for the Altair 8800, an early personal computer. It originally was based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and later on relocated to in Redmond, Washington, which is its present headquarter. In 1987, the company became public as Microsoft Corporation and in 1988, Bill Gates became the world’s youngest billionaire. That time, he was just 31-year-old. Over the years, it has grown into a major multinational technology corporation, and is today the most reputed company of the world for its products, services, solutions in various fields. It is the world’s largest software maker in terms of revenue and one of the most valuable companies of the world, worth US$89.95 billion as in 2017.

Microsoft Products

Windows: Operating system developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. Windows still dominate the personal computer (PC) market. There are other various versions of Windows families like as Windows NT and Windows Embedded, Windows Vista, Windows XP. For most PCs, laptops and notepads, at present Windows 10 is used, which is the latest version released in 2015 after Windows 8.1.
Office: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook etc. are the different software developed by Microsoft, basically for office applications. The software keeps on updating time-to-time with better features and tools.
Servers: The Microsoft Servers line of software and technology includes different versions of Operating systems, Operating system offerings such as Windows MultiPoint Server, productivity servers like as Internet Information Services (IIS), Exchange Server, Host Integration Server etc.

Other Microsoft products include

• Skype : A telecommunications application softwart for online chatting, voice and video call
• Visual Studio: An integrated development environment (IDE) to develop computer programs, including web sites, apps, services and mobile apps
• Dynamics: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications
• Xbox : A video gaming brand
• Surface: A series of touchscreen Windows personal computers and interactive whiteboards
• Mobile: Microsoft mobile phones
• And many more…

A Short Note on Microsoft Email/Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and basically a personal information manager developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook is mostly used as an email application, although it has other in-built features like as calendar, contact manager, task manager, journal, note taking, and web browsing. is a free personal email service, making it easy for you to be productive, organized, and connected while you are at home or at work or anywhere. Microsoft Outlook email delivers the best email experience on any Windows, iOS, or Android devices.

Microsoft Email Support

There are 2 ways to set up an email account on Microsoft Outlook: Manually and Automatically. Incase, if you are not able to set up email account on your own, you can get help from the Microsoft Answers online community, on the website of Microsoft Support or Windows Help and other support options available on the official website.

Steps to set up E-mail on Outlook Manually

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • From the top menu, click on Tools
  • Click on Accounts
  • Click on the Email Account icon
  • Enter your email information like a
  1. Enter your name
  2. In the email address field, enter your Email address (
  3. Select POP3 or IMAP. Usually, IMAP is preferred.
  4. In the incoming server (POP3, IMAP) field, enter
  5. In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server field, enter
  6. Enter your Username
  7. Enter Your Password
  8. Click More and you will be directed to the Internet Email Settings window
  9. Select the Advanced tab.
  10. Type your mail account
  11. Click Ok
  12. Enter 995 in incoming server field and 465 in outgoing server field
  13. Click Ok
  14. Next Click Outgoing Server tab on the same Internet Email Settings window
  15. Click My Outgoing Server required authentication
  16. Click Ok and close the Internet E-mail Settings window
  17. In the POP and IMAP Account Settings window, click on Test Account Settings and ensure that Outlook can communicate with your email server.

Steps to set up E-mail on Outlook Automatically

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on File
  • Select Account Settings. Check the dropdown list.
  • Click on the Email tab
  • Select New
  • Click on Add New Account dialog box
  • Enter your full name
  • Enter your email address (you get this information from ISP)
  • In the Password field, type the password
  • Retype the password
  • Click Next
  • Auto Account Setup process starts

Outlook will then automatically configure your account. Thus, your Microsoft email account is created automatically on Outlook.

Need more help? Contact our professional Microsoft E-mail Support experts

Having problem in email configuration? Do not worry!!! Take the help of our professional experts. Besides email configuration, some common problems that Microsoft email users face are

  • Freezing
  • Start-up issues
  • Sluggish working
  • Profile handling problems
  • Problems in sending mails
  • Not receiving mails
  • Spam emails sending and receiving
  • Missing emails and so on…

In such cases, the best way to solve the problem is to Contact our professional = E-mail Support experts. For any issues related to email configuration on Outlook, creating a new account, adding a new account, problems in the Outlook software, our email support team is always available to provide you uninterrupted services.

Call our talented pool of experts to help you in resolving the issue. Follow the instructions given step-by-step by trained support experts and try to resolve the issue on your own. Or else, our team can visit your location and get the problem solved. We are available 24/7 to ensure you complete support as and when required. Call us at 1-800-828-6304 so that we can keep you worry-free regarding any problematic issues related to Microsoft Email.

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