How To Get A Hassle-Free Dell Computer Support Service?


A brief introduction of DELL

It was in the year 1984, Michael Dell, a young 19-year old boy founded the DELL Computer Corporation (named after him) with just $1,000. At a very young age, he had a vision of bringing about innovative change in technology and produced the first computer system, the Turbo PC in 1985. In 1986, the company launched the industry’s fastest performing PC at a trade show. Ever since then, there was no looking back for the company. It has been highly appreciated for its supply chain management and electronic commerce, and for its efficient approach to manufacturing, be it direct-sales model or build-to-order, or configure to order, delivering 100% satisfaction to its customers for its products. Today, DELL has grown up to be not only one of the leading American multinational computer technology companies in the US but also one of the largest technological corporations in the world. DELL is one of the most trustworthy brands in the electronics market.

DELL Products

DELL Computer Corporation designs, develops, manufactures a wide range of computer products and also customized products as per individual customer requirements. Its product range includes desktop PCs, laptops, notepads, MP3 players, HDTVs, cameras, printers, mobility products, LCD TVs, plasma TVs and projectors. Not only that, the company is also involved in producing software and computer peripherals, servers and networking, data storage devices, network switches etc.

DELL Services and Solutions

DELL Computer Corporation also provides various services and solutions. Many organizations, all across the globe choose Dell solutions and services, such as Application Services, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, Desktop Virtualization, DELL EMC services, Certifications and Trainings. The company provides solutions and services to various industry domains like as Education, Government, Heathcare, OEM etc.

DELL Popular Brands

Depending on the markets served, DELL products have specific brand names. Each DELL product assures value, performance, reliability, durability, expandability and serviceability.

For Business/Corporate segment, the popular DELL brands are:

  • Office desktop computer systems: OptiPlex
  • Home desktop computer systems : Dimension
  • Office/small business desktop and notebook systems: Vostro
  • Desktop and notebook computers with Linux or FreeDOS : n Series
  • Business-focused notebooks: Latitude
  • Workstation systems and high-performance notebooks : Precision
  • Business servers: PowerEdge
  • Storage: PowerVault , Dell Compellent
  • Network switches: Force10, PowerConnect
  • Electronic medical records : Dell EMR

For Home Office/Consumer Class, the popular brands include:

  • Budget desktop and notebook computers: Inspiron
  • High-end desktop and notebook computers: XPS
  • High-performance gaming systems: Alienware
  • Tablets Android / Windows: Venue
  • Monitors: Dell UltraSharp

Computer Support Assist

We provide assistance to a user on all issues and problems related to the product, for system tools and diagnostics, for trouble shooting, information on online tools, warranty, including, online links for Dell technical support and Dell customer support channels. The basic purpose is to provide extensive help to users from a single location. Support Assist is available for PCs at Home, for Business Client Systems and for Enterprise Systems.

Some Common Problems of DELL Computers

There can be multiple reasons for technical glitches. Below is a list of few common Dell computer problems that a user can face:

  • Computer crash
  • Blank screen
  • Blue screen errors
  • Detection of virus
  • Slow working
  • Software updates, support and installation
  • Booting problem
  • Hangs periodically
  • Setting up a wireless network
  • Malfunctioned hard drive
  • Wireless connection automatically disconnects
  • Problem in Soundcard, Bluetooth headset
  • Laptop overheating
  • Problem in printer like paper jamming, issues in ink cartridge, printing issues
  • And many more…

Get a Hassle-Free DELL Computer Support Service

There are many users who may not be comfortable using DELL Computer Support Assist software. There are many users who need immediate assistance. In such cases, you need the help of technical experts. It can be any problem of the system, maybe a sudden blackout of the blue screen or non-working of an application, malware threats, software updates, network connectivity and many more such problems. At times, you also need guidance on how to use the Support Assist software on the system. For all types of problems, no matter where they stem from – hardware or software, an expert help is always called for. Backed by a team of professional technical experts, our customer team assures you 100% customer satisfaction in resolving your issue.

Connect With Us for Immediate DELL Computer Support

Getting support from an expert provided by us is now fast, easy and hassle free. You will get easy steps to solve any issue related to your Dell product. There are 2 ways of doing so.

  • You contact our support team on the phone, discuss the problem and our expert will help you resolve the problem by giving you a step-by-step guidance.
  • In case, the problem is not solved remotely, our company’s DELL computer support expert will come personally to your location to resolve the issue.

We can help you in many ways:

  • Can help in a basic “How-to”
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Basic Setup
  • Diagnose, resolve, and prevent spyware and virus issues
  • Dell security maintenance
  • Installation of drives
  • Installation or upgrade of operating systems and software
  • Rebooting and turning your device on
  • Establish a wireless connection
  • Install most software applications etc.

If you require any sort of support for any issue related to your DELL computer, laptop or printer or any of your DELL products, our technical computer support is just a phone call away. Call our talented pool of experts at 1-800-828-6304 to resolve your computer problems. They are available 24/7 to keep you worry-free regarding the problematic issues of DELL computer products.

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