How Many Monitors Can My Computer Support?


We are living in a modern world where multitasking is the way to do things. The same applies for all those who works in places where they need to keep an eye on multiple things at once, like the Share Market, brokers, gamers etc. Majority of the work is being done on computers these days, be it banks, offices, restaurants, you name it. So, in order to multi-task, these people use multiple monitor setup to keep a close tab on different aspects at once. If you are a gamer, then you know how a multiple monitor setup can enhance the experience.

We at our Computer Technical Support have received many queries from users asking about whether their computer can support more than one screen? Well, the basic answer is Yes, you may add 2,3,4 or even 6 monitors to your setup but, your processor and other hardware components must be competent enough to support it. In this article I will discuss various requirements and needs to have a multiple monitor setup. Kindly go through it carefully to make your own multiple setups.

The basic requirements to setup your multiple monitor screens:

Before you decide to go the market and buy a bunch of computer screens, you must check your computer’s statistics to make sure it can support the number of monitors you are planning to add-on. You must check your graphics card, your Processor, the number of ports for such kind of output etc. Let us see what are the basic needs and how many monitors can you add with your present computer.

Check Graphic Cards:

In order to attach multiple monitors to your present computer, you must have a graphics strong enough to maintain enough juice and power for these multiple monitors. Look at the back of your computer to check how many graphic outputs do your computer supports? Generally, you may have HDMI, DVI, VGA and Display port. If your computer does not have a discrete graphic card installed, you may see only two ports. In the current generation of motherboards come integrated with Graphic cards capable of supporting a dual monitor setup. In case you have an independent graphic card installed, then you may see up to three ports apart from the two integrated to your motherboard.

Even though your graphic cards have multiple output ports, you may not possibly use all of them at once. Nvidia the leading graphic card and services provider have similar issues, where its older version of discrete graphic card, only supported two monitors even though it had three ports. In order to know how many monitors can your Graphics card support follows these instructions.

  • Go to the Control Panel > Device Manager > Display Adapters.
  • Google the name of your graphic adapter and see whether it can support 2,3 or many more monitors at once.
  • In case the current graphic card setup does not allow you to add as many monitors as you wish, then install new graphic card as per you need.
  • If addition of graphic cards is for the sole purpose of putting together a multiple monitor setup, then make sure you buy a graphic card of the same brand as the pre-installed ones.

Check Power consumption needs and memory:

Just having enough justice in terms of graphical needs would not necessary help you add all those monitor to your computer. Apart from graphical needs, you computer must have enough memory slots and power consumption needs to take the strain of multiple monitor setup. If your current processor does not have enough slots and power to back those multiple monitors, then buying graphic cards won’t make any difference.

  • Make sure your computer has enough number of power outlet source to add the number of monitors you wish.
  • The processor must have enough memory to provide equal power to all the attached monitors.

Monitors, Ports and cable requirements:

Once the graphic card needs and power consumption issues has been sorted out, let us see the requirements of monitors and ports and cable for your grand multi-monitor setup. To be honest the price of monitor screens are fairly cheap. An IPS 24 inch monitor display will cost you something in line of $170, if you are a gamer and requires bigger and better screens, then a 27 inch display will cost you anything around $240. Other factors which will influence your monitor setup will be the size of your desk, your present monitor screen. So make sure to buy only those monitors which can fit your present setup.

Once you have sorted out which monitor to buy, you will need to buy component cables as per the ports on your present computer. DVI to HDMI or Displayport to DVI will work just fine. If your PC has an VGA port then, you might not need these. As VGA ports use analog connection setup, the only back draw with these is that, the quality of output video won’t be sharp enough.

How to setup your multiple monitors on your computer?

After deciding upon the number of monitors, the graphic cards requirements, it’s time to give shape to your multiple monitor setups. So follow the steps mentioned below to complete the setup on your own.

  • Connect your extra set of monitors to their respective ports and power on your setup.
  • Now, switch on your computer and configure the add monitors to your computer.
  • Go to the desktop, right-click and select ‘Screen Resolution’. On the Screen Resolution Window, click on Display Settings.
  • Your system will detect the added monitors, when you press the ‘Identify’ button. Large numeral will appear on each of the screen, you can select which one of these you want to make the main unit.
  • From a drop-down menu, select you want each monitor to function independently or as an extended setup to your main screen.
  • Now you have successfully configured the multiple desktop setup on your PC.

This is how you can set your multiple monitor screen on your current PC. In case you have any doubts or queries regarding the above mentioned article, feel free to reach us at our Computer Technical Support. We deal in helping computer users with their technical and software issue. So why waste your time looking for a technician around while you can avail the services of some of the finest. We are available for 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year. You call at our TFN 1-800-828-6304 for any computer support assistance.

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