How Can We Increase Our Internet Speed?


Are you looking for a right way to boost up your internet speed, without any upgrading in ISP internet plan? Oh! Then let’s explore the reasons behind the shuffling of internet speed. There are many factors as from internal to external that operate the internet speed.

The tweaking of internet speed impacts our online working speed directly; it will dominate many tasks over the internet such as sending files, downloading, uploading and other processes related with the loading of websites and pages.

With the vast advancement in the technological world, when everything is online, the unexpected delay or crash due to internet speed will create anarchy from individuals to big firms. Internet speed is dependable over the operating system, network card, network cables, wireless routers, broadband connective modems and other technical devices. Upgrading of the internet with swift boosting speed is the utmost need of time where world rotates around gadgets.

How to Increase the Internet Speed?

Clean Connectivity to Boost Internet Speed:

Random check the modem, router cables, and other devices will ensure better connectivity and improvement in speed. Clean your wires, modem, etc. from dust, dirt and even spider webs to avoid unnecessary reductions in internet speed. Maintain proper ventilation all around the electrical devices will reduce the point of overheating.

However, cable quality also impacts a lot in internet speed in indirectly way. Upgrade the wiring devices with wireless networking will also help in a significant way. Don’t go with old, outdated cables, or even avoid using broken wires. Keep wiring short to prevent knotty complications.

Check Filtering or Try Different Connection:

Fluctuation of internet speed is directly or indirectly depends on filters use. Low quality and inconstant filters might affect the net momentum in between 30-60 percent. Unreliable filters will cause frequent fluctuations in dis-connectivity, which is, of course, a bad experience. Opt for the high quality of internet device like Filters, Modem, Routers, etc.

Go With Bandwidth Test For Internet Speed:

To ensure the current internet speed, go with free online bandwidth test. You can check your net speed on This website provides the service to check the availability of internet network, speed rate and other measures in nanoseconds. It bestows both speedy aspects of uploading and downloading. Over this web link, you can determine the effecting and upgrade internet services. You need to check the reasons to make progressive changes to in device, software or services. You can anew check the internet speed after adjusting each aspect.

Install GlassWire’s Firewall Software:

Installing of GlassWire software and other network tools will help you. There are many computer applications, from which you are not aware also guzzle your internet data, without knowing you. Firewall and network will keep the random check on privacy and security, with other suspicious activities. If any doubtful activity is detected, you can take action to block the outer threatening. GlassWire Firewall and management tools will help in safety blocking of any insecure activity and ensure all scanning of network activity to graph rank and speed.

Clear Unnecessary Programs:

You can add and remove unnecessary programs from the device; this will ensure proper bandwidth running of the system. The adding and removing of programmes will boost the running speed of the internet. Be careful while deleting the programs from PC, and be cautious of deleting because removing of any function from the computer can lead to misfunctioning.

Install minimum, and necessary application to the device will provide speed run of the system. So, uninstall all junk files and apps from deceiving to make smooth running.

Wireless Connectivity and Security:

With the advancement in technology, you can now opt for wireless internet devices for smoother web browsing in a secure way. Keep network password protected if not then go with default settings. Random change of password will safeguard your connections from unauthorized access. Unprotected internet connection not only gives the advantage to others to use your data but will also lead to hacking of your personal information by others outsiders.

Testing of Connectivity:

While using wireless devices, you can monitor your internet connections available within your location of house, or office. Wireless router or broadband modem will help you more to strengthen the networking signals on walls, doors, and other places. However, you can move to your site to comfort your signal strength whenever required. Ideal positioning will ensure good connectivity and speed facility. With running wireless devices, you need to stick at the fixed place which maximizes the coverage of the network.

Unnecessary Internet Connected Devices:

Switch off the devices from internet facility when not in use, will save your data and will boost the speed of the internet. Widgets and gadgets such as mobile phones, I-pods, tablets, Laptops, printer, music players, gaming gadgets, etc. are nowadays using the internet to surf and browsing. Unnecessary on the option of wifi over such gadgets when is not in use will bandwidth the internet connectivity. Power off all the devices net feature for active boosting of speed.

Upgrading of Internet Plan:

With multiple users and gadgets of the internet in the same location sharing the same connecting will reduce the speed run of things on the internet. The best solution to resolve such issues is either to opt for more internet connection or upgrade/change in current internet plan in higher one.

Good DNS or OpenDNS (Domain Name System):

Use of Google DNS or OpenDNS will speed up the internet facility with secured browsing experience over the internet. These are specifically designed to boost net and web browsing speed to encounter the fastest networking globally.

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