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Gateway is a service provider to give you full technical assistance and solutions to fix issues and bugs with your computers, Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops and much more. We make use of state of art technology to instantly diagnose and repair your technology issues.

Gateway offers both chat and phone support for all your in-warranty products. Our elite team of technical experts can help you to walk through your problems with instant solutions. If the warranty of your has expired, we also provide an out- of- warranty support which is a fee- based service to help you to get the most out of your Gateway products.

We offer a wide range of services such as software and system upgrade, customization of your software, latest upgrade of your device software for smooth functioning, installation of printers and plotters, setting up the home networking system, virus removal from your virus infected devices, installing and upgrading the latest anti-virus and malware software, data back- up and recovery, and even tutorial education for all the gateway products. The services are available throughout the year, all day long. For all in-warranty products, if there are any hardware defects, we also offer support to return your products to the factory.

Apart from the phone and chat support, we have free support services like FAQ, and YouTube channel to assist you.

How does Gateway operate?

A well managed IT system- Our IT system aims to keep you updated with the latest updates for the smooth running of your devices.

24/7 support- Our technical team is available all 365 days a year, 24/7 to assist you on chat and phone support to provide solutions for all technical glitches. We can provide solutions to any problem that arises regardless of whether it has to do with your computer or any peripheral device. We provide with anti- virus updates to prevent the breakdown of your computers by any virus attack.

Economical- our services are simple and affordable to take, with no hidden costs.

Gateway Support Services

Gateway includes the following services available to all our customers:

Performance based issues- Gateway deals with performance issues like Computer updates and removal of unused software

Virus Removal- it helps in eliminating and preventing Malware, Adware, and Viruses

Networking- We take care of wireless networks, routers, hubs, and switches. We also look into setting up secure wi-fi Wireless Networks.

Hardware and peripherals- Apart from the software we also take care of the hardware materials of the computers such as printers, webcams, Wi-fi Cable Tv’s, Keyboards and mouse.

Gateway ensures quality services related to computers. It deals with both hardware and software of the computers. Our technical support representatives are easily approachable to diagnose and provide solutions to your problems. To speak with a gateway professional you need to contact on their toll free number and their website gives you the direct link option to chat with a technical representative to discuss your problems. All in-warranty products have free services and out-of-warranty products are fee -based. Nominally priced packages are available for sale to buy the Gateway services.

Email Troubleshooting

Electronic mail (Email) is a necessity today. It is very popular around the globe for personal as well as for professional and corporate communications.

Emails are sent from the sender’s server to the receivers end. During the transmission of data from one server to the other, there are always possibilities of facing technical glitches during the process of emailing.

In this article, we will identify the different problems which can occur while you are working on emails and the ways to troubleshoot email issues.

Access denied

Often people get an error message when they try to open their email accounts stating that, access was denied because the mail domain could not be found.

In this case, first check that your internet connection is active on your device from which you are trying to access your email account. If the internet connection is active, reboot your internet connection and try again. In case if this does not provide any solution, it may be because your email was attempted to login unsuccessfully more than five times. In that case, the red flag is sent to the email provider’s firewall which blocks the access for security reasons. In the likelihood of such an event, it is best to record your IP number from and contact your service provider and provide them your IP number to unblock your account. You are then required to login again with your username and set a new password.

Emails are received but the sender is unable to send emails

All Mail servers require every outgoing email to be authenticated. Perhaps, your outgoing mail server has not been set to authenticate emails. To troubleshoot this issue you need to first access your email account. Then you need to go to the settings panel of your email account. Find the outgoing mail server settings and if the box is unchecked, check it to allow it to authenticate all outgoing mails. Then try to again send an email to make sure that the problem has been successfully resolved.

Email receiving has stopped suddenly

Often people who regularly send and receive emails, are unable to receive new emails anymore. In this case, you need to first make sure that your mailbox is not full. To check the free space on your email account you need to login to your control panel and click on the email icon. In the email icon display page, click on add/remove email accounts then click on ‘Show Disk Space used’. This will display on screen the quota and disk space available for your mailbox. Empty your trash and unwanted messages to free up the space to again start receiving and sending emails smoothly.

Email delivery failed

This is the most common issue faced by all users. An error message displays which states that mail could not be delivered to one or more of your recipients. This may be due to an invalid or blacklisted email address of the recipients. You must correct the recipient’s email address and try again. If it fails again, you need to contact your email service provider.

It is easy to take the email system for granted but sudden technical glitches can cause a bit of a problem. These troubleshooting tips with some trial and error will surely help you work through solutions to your problems with the email system.

If you have any issues related to Gateway troubleshoot, call us at our TFN ✆+1-800-828-6304. MyComputerRepair technical experts are available 24 x 7 for your assistance.

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