Computer Support is Least for Which of the Following Problems?


Computers are one of the most widely used devices by billions of people across the globe. Over the last decade, the advancements in the field of hardware and software technology, made these machines more reliable and affordable for majority of the population. The modern age is becoming more lenient towards technology and internet. Every aspect such as Work, profession need computer machines in one way or the other that might tell you the popularity of these machines.

These computers play a very important role in our daily lives, some use it for work, and others use it for entertainment purposes. Although, the importance of these computers cannot be denied, it does have its fair share of drawbacks and malfunctions. The manufacturer’s does try to provide you with a supreme finished device, but like any other electronic devices, these are prone to malfunction without any prior notice or warnings.

We at our Computer Technical Support receive volumes of calls from computer users, complaining about different technical issues they might be facing. Some of these complaints are common software glitch or resets which requires simple troubleshoot. There are some complex issues, like Operating System related issues, protection against malwares and virus. We provide a complete solution for all your computer related issues. We possess some of the learned and experienced technicians who have seen the changing technology over the years. Thus, they are capable of resolving even the most complex issues, dynamically. Our services are renowned for efficiency and reliability.

Common Computer Problems faced by users:

Computers are complex machines, with different hardware, modems, motherboard and different software programs. It is difficult for a common man with no prior technical knowledge to even troubleshoot the simplest of issues. But no need to worry as our technician is always here for your help. Computer Technical Support over the years of experience in the field of providing technical assistance has realised, there are certain causes of the computer problems, and either related to your hardware or may be software. Let us look at some common computer problems by users and causes for them.

1. Computer not turning On: One of the most common problem and complaint we receive from the users is regarding Powering on their device. The most common cause for your computer to not be able to boot up, is a missed wired connection. This might seem basic but most of the time, either one of the wire is not properly inserted into the socket or one of the wires are faulty. We recommend the user to check all the wires, replace the faulty ones and try again.

2. Computer freezes at the booting screen: The reason for these kinds of issues is related to your OS. If the OS gets corrupted or attacked by some malicious files then these kinds of issues are encountered. We recommend the user to use the backup to and repair their OS with the saved backup. Since the current mode is corrupted and chances are, if you try it over and over, it will cause more problems. So either use the backup you created earlier or insert the OS CD and choose the Repair option.

3. Firewall Issues: Firewalls are something, which most of you cannot get your head around, if its too strict you cannot access majority of the pages on internet, if its too mediocre, you are liable for malware and virus attacks. But, the solution is right within the program. If you are not certain about your firewall settings, use the recommended or default ones. You can also seek our expert’s advice for the best possible solution.

4. Potential Virus/Malware attacks: Internet for sure is one of the greatest inventions for mankind, but every coin has two sides, and internet holds true to the statement. Although, it has made our lives so much easier, the security concerns are on the rise too. There plethora of websites which contains malicious files, phishing links and adware. IF you accidentally visit one of these websites, it starts affecting your computer. To safeguard your computer against any kind of such attacks, make sure you have installed an updated version of Antivirus/anti-malware on your device. Keep it up-to-date and run regular scans on your computer to keep your data safe.

5. Computer Running too slow: Another common issue, which the users complain about majority of time. The smoothness of your computer depends on the processor you are using. If you have a modern computer with latest motherboard and 4GB or RAM, you are good to go. If you have an old computer, make sure you keep it tidy and organised. If there is a slot for expansion of RAM, make sure you increase it. Also, delete temporary files and cookies from your browsers to make your computer run better.

These are some of the common queries and complaints we receive on a daily basis. The common cause with a possible solution has been given for the above problems. Kindly go through them and resolve your issue. In case you didn’t understand any part or feel the need of expert guidance then feel free to contact us at our TFN 1-800-828-6304. We are available for 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year.

Computer Technical Support provides some of the finest troubleshooting assistance and complete router solutions. We understand the dependence of modern day users on these machines, so it does not matter if your device starts giving you trouble in the middle of the night. We are there for you!

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