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The growing use of technology has made the work of people easier, faster and efficient. Each business be it a small or big, requires technology to run it’s operations. Here we will discuss about the best online support and the fixes for PC. PC’s are one of the most important assets in an organization, as nowadays mostly all the processes are being automated and are being controlled by a system. So if your system stops working or gets shut down inappropriately due to some issue or errors then it could be a reason of huge loss in your growing business. Online support is one of the quickest and best service that can help you get out of the trouble that you are facing while operating your system. The main focus of these kind of online support is to meet the expectations of the customer and provide them the best possible outcome. As technology has become ingrained in our daily life, the need for technical support has increased considerably.

Common Problem and Fixes for PC:

Some of the common problems that people come across often are:

  • System running Slow
  • Constant pop-up of security
  • Performance issues
  • Computer keeps on Restarting again and again
  • Blue screen of Death
  • Email attachments not opening
  • DLL file not found or is missing
  • Page not found error 404
  • Program does not Work on My New PC

System running Slow:

To solve this problem follow the steps provided below:

  • Firstly delete all the unused programs from the control panel ->programs and features.
  • Then, delete all the temporary files.
  • Install a solid state driver.
  • Next disable all the unnecessary start-ups.
  • Further, run disk defragmentation.
  • After that, Run a disk cleanup program.

Constant pop-up of security:

If you face issues like getting constant pop-ups each time you open the system or use it. Then this could be due to the viruses or malware named Adware in your system, you can resolve this by using the adware removal software.

Computer keeps on Restarting again and again:

This problem mainly occurs when you system requires reboot due to various windows update or when your system is getting heated up quickly and the dust is gathered in the CPU box. This problem can be easily solved by updating the windows version and Cleaning your system properly. If still you face problem run an antivirus and scan your system for viruses.

Email attachments not opening:

Some people often face the problem like they are not able to open the attachments received on their email so for this all you need to do is choose the appropriate software for opening the attachment because there are files of different format like PDF, .TXT,.XLS,.RAR etc.

Blue screen of Death:

This problem occurs when there is some problem in either your hardware or the drivers that are related. Predominantly Blue screen to death is also known as the STOP Error. You can fix this issue by following the given steps:

  • Firstly identify if you have done any update or have installed any program or hardware.
  • Then,Use the system restore to undo the changes.
  • Next, check for the space on your disk.
  • After that, Scan your system and update the drivers for the hardware you have added recently.
  • Now, Return BIOS settings to their default levels. As the misconfigured BIOS can lead to all sorts of random issues which also includes BSODs.Update BIOS and this is how you will be able to solve this issue.

Now talking about the online support there are some best online technical support services like:

Geek Squad

Geek squad is one of the top tech support that have won gold award in providing the flexible and best service. It has a team of technicians who provides services all over the world. They provide support for installation of software, devices and hardware, gives the solutions for system repair issues and setup also they give support for the removal of viruses and malwares. In addition to this they are available 24*7 to provide services support for the devices and peripherals like printer, scanners, smartphones etc..They provide live sessions, remote services and also gives the client some tools that are free to download and help customers by giving the best possible services anytime anywhere.


iYogi is similar to Geek squad and is well known for its unlimited subscription and pliable service choice, and one-time fixes. They provide optimal support for the network setup and provides services for PC’S, MacBooks, Tablets, and MP3 players. They have a leading name in providing the browser security and virus removal, installation of Operating system and data backup services.

It is a company that is certified by Microsoft to provide the adequate solutions for all the products related to Microsoft. It guarantees the quick and easiest way to fix an issue. 24*7 remote support facility is available. It offers both the services for one time fix or subscription. It lends technical support for Microsoft products, operating-system migration, PC tune-ups, Microsoft Office and Outlook, integrated data-backup solution.

Customer Support

We provide support for all the services related to the PC for example Microsoft applications not working, PC’s protection, backup and recovery services, hard disk troubleshooting services, antivirus support services to enhance the protection of PC. We have our Technical support team who is ready to guide you from head to toe and will definitely provide you with the optimal solution that suits best to your requirement. Our Technical Expert team is equipped with the people who have exposure of all the new and enhanced technology and have ample knowledge and experience in the field of software technical support. Our customer support team has been dealing in this industry from many years and they are very good at understanding the root cause of the client’s problem. For them all that matters is customer satisfaction, they try to meet the expectations of customer so that customers can rely on us in future. For further queries and information you can connect with us through our Toll free number 1-800-828-6304. You can also contact us through emails and chats.

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