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When it comes to best computer support, you will find end number of options available online and offline. Let’s discuss 10 best computer supports:

24/7 Techies:

24/7 Techies is one of the renowned service providers, ensures the best computer support and services whenever needed. No matter at what time your computer gets crashed, just give a call and experienced professionals at 24/7 Techies will be ready to assist you, and ensure that you receive best tech support. Specialized computer experts associated with 24/7 Techies will provide you the remote support, irrespective of time and place. You do not have to take any appointment, do not have to go out of your home for any help or assistance, you will be provided the tech support at the comfort of your home.

Services provided by 24/7 Techies are:

  • Installation and setting up the new computer
  • Optimizing the computer
  • Helping with smart phone, camera and printers installation and solving other related problems
  • Solving application related problems
  • Upgrading or installing the antivirus guard

Bleeping Computer Forums:

Bleeping Computer Forums is one of the renowned computer tech support provider. They have experienced tech professionals who will provide you the best tech advice. Bleeping Computer Forums have expertise in supporting Mac and Windows, providing the security advice, fixing all kind of hardware issues and also assisting with the software. will provide you the best solutions for anything related with Linux. It provides tutorials, newsletters and news. If you are facing any issues related to Linux, you can get in touch with This forums are suitable for everyone be it a old and new users of Linux.

Computer Hope Forums

Computer Hope is known for the best tech support for years. This forum is basically Windows-centric. Issues of Linux and Mac are combined together as one. Some boards are also there, educating on technical skills. You will be able to get people who could help you out on web design and coding. There is an excellent section of FAQs, answering almost all queries in best way.

Apple Support Communities

If you are facing any problem with your Apple device then without thinking twice, just dial in or write an email or chat with the certified experts on official site of Apple. If you want the best advice or technical support, then visiting the Apple’s official website is the easiest and most convenient way to get the solution. By calling support communities, you can discuss anything and everything related to the hardware that has been released by Apple till date. A dedicated section is there to answer all your problems related with the Mac software and iTunes. If you are still unable to get the answer of your problem, then go to the page’s bottom and click on the customer support, you will easily be able to chat with the Apple technician.

Microsoft Communities

If we go by the numbers then around 85 percent of the entire world’s population is using Windows and Microsoft services and apps like Skype, One Drive and Office is used by the countless others. Hence, Microsoft community becomes one of the busiest place. In order to communicate through these communities, you can either browse section wise or can enter what you are looking for in the search box, present at the top. If you are unable to find the solution of your problem then create a new post, this community is no short of knowledgeable users and Microsoft certified experts. You will get the best assistance in no time.

Official apps or manufacturers site

Nobody can deny the fact that to get the best troubleshooting tips is the manufacture’s websites. You can get detailed information of the device or app you are using, by support forums or official wikis, telephone numbers are also available where you can easily call or get the technical support. Few of the sites that can be useful for you are Samsung Smart Things, Plex, Spotify, Firefox, PlayStation, Adobe Photoshop etc.

Yahoo answers and Google groups

Yahoo answers and Google groups are are providing the best tech support, and we all are well aware of it. People face lots of issues on these two sites but fortunately they have strong tech support, that ensures that each query is timely answered. Content of Yahoo can be easily found in sub-section of Consumer Electronics. This section is bifurcated into cell phones, cameras, TVs, games PDAs etc. To get the queries answered of Google related issues, go to the Search bar and type the issue you want an answer for. Boolean terms are supported by it, so one is precise completely.


YouTube has now become an inseparable part of our lives. Be it a song, movie, funny videos, DIYs, YouTube is a window to entertainment. But do you know that it has 85 million videos answering lots of technical issues. You may easily get your issues answered here. You could either refer the independent channels or can also go to the official manufacturer’s channel. Search options can also take you to the videos, answering your issues in exact way.


Does Reddit need any introduction? No, of course. Subreddit provides the complete information about every app, manufacturer and device you can ever think of. Non app specific subreddit are also available on Reddit like r/cordcutting for taking the advice to cancel the cable bill or r/netsec for knowing about online security. If you wanted to take forward any generic query then r/24hoursupport and r/techsupport the best options to go with. If you want any specific information then go to the app or device specific subreddit.

We discussed 10 best computer supports but then there is one more platform that we cannot ignore when it comes to the technical support and that is social media. Facebook and Twitter has many official groups and pages that have answers to all the major computer related issues. Don’t forget that Twitter has become the most important and effective way to get in touch with technical experts. You can even ask the questions directly from the manufacturer and there are chances that you will receive an answer timely.

If you are still facing any issues related to best computer supports, call at TFN 1-800-828-6304. Our qualified technical experts will resolve your issues at the earliest.

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