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About Asus

Assisted Computer Inc. a multinational Taiwanese company, successfully dealing in phone and computer hardware and also electronics was founded on 2nd April 1989. Headquartered in Taiwan’s Beitou District, it deals in end number of products, for example, mobile phones, laptops, netbooks, WiFi routers, motherboard, projectors, graphic cards, multimedia products, servers, tablets, PC’s and the list goes on and on. Asus is an OEM, which stands for original equipment manufacturer. Recorded itself amongst the 4th largest vendor of PC by unit sales in 2015, in entire world, Asus is only climbing up, on the ladder of success, without looking back. Its operations are going on in around 32 countries and 52 service sites. Asus has 400 service partners across the globe. Asus produced one of the powerful phones in the world named ASUS ZenFone AR.

Interesting Facts:

As stated in the company’s website, the word Asus is derived from Pegasus, which stands for winged horse in Greek mythology. But then only last 4 letters were kept because the stakeholders want to keep the name high, when it comes to the alphabetical listings.

Products, Asus Deals in:

Wide range of products, the Asus deals in are 2-in-1s, laptops, desktop computers, sound cards, networking devices etc. Vivo lineup is Asus’s main lineup which comprises of VivoBooks , Vivo AiO, VivoWatch, VivoMini, ViviTab etc.

  • Asus Transformers, a 2-in-1 detachable, hybrid, convertible tablet computer was manufactured and designed by Asus. Asus Transformer has two prime lineups.
  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), a handheld PC and a mobile device that works as the personal information manager. But this range was discontinued as the smartphones became popular.
  • Chromebook is like a tablet or laptop that runs on Linux-based and have Chrome OS as the operating system. Chromebooks are also used to run the Android apps.
  • Tablets: Nexus 7’s two generation was manufactured and branded for Google and the announcement was done in 27June 2012 where the release date was announced July 2012. Asus also launched the Google Nexus 7’s successor. Asus is working closely to develop Windows 8 convertible tablets with Microsoft. Asus unveiled the Android based computer, this computer when get attached to the keyboard, becomes the device of Windows 8, and hence been called as Transformer Book Trio.
  • Eee Line: launched in October 2007 netbook of Eee PC is showered by numerous awards. It was declared Forbes Asia’s Product of the year, not just that it was also termed as Stuff Magazine’s computer of the year and Gadget of the Year and the list is unending. Other products that were added to Eee Line are
  1. Eee Top
  2. EeeBox PC
  3. Eee Pad Transformer
  4. Eee Stick
  5. Eee Pad Transformer Prime

• Essential Series: Essentio is a range of the desktop PCs. The range comprises of CG series, which was designed for gaming, CM series, for home use and entertainment and CP and CS Slimline series in December 2011.

• Digital media receivers: digital media receivers were sell by Asus as ASUS O!Play

• Sound cards: February 2008 was the date when Xinar DX, first sound card of Asus was released. It was capable of emulating EAX 5.0 effects with the ASUS GX software, simultaneously supporting the DTS-connect and Open AL. Then Xonar D1 was launched in July 2008 by Asus, which have similar features as to what Xonar DX had but through PCI interface it was connected with the motherboard, instead of being connected through the connection of PCI-E x1 of Xonar DX.

• ASUS VivoPC line: it was through the Vivo PC line that Asus makes an entry to box-PC market in November 2013. Vivo PCs have Windows operating system installed already.

• Portable monitors: Asus in 2013 released MB168B which was a USB 3.0-powered, and a portable external monitor. Base model was available in the resolution of 1366×768, whereas the advanced model which was MB168B+ had a 1920×1080 resolution. MB168B+, when it was released was the one of a kind 1080p portable monitor. Asus claimed that it was the lightest and slimmest USB monitor in the world.

• Smartphones: When it comes to smartphones, we all knows what a great range was launched by Asus. Various Android based phones were launched by Asus predominantly by using Intel and not ARM processors having two slots for the sim. Asus is ruling the mobile markets in China, India and many more Asian countries, known by the name ZenFone series. Few of the different generation phone from ZenFone series are listed below:

  1. ZenFone 5
  2. ZenFone 6
  3. ZenFone Zoom
  4. ZenFone C
  5. ZenFone 2
  6. ZenFone AR
  7. ZenFone 4 series
  8. ZenFone 5 series etc

• Some of the hybrid devices with the smartphones were also produced by Asus, which can be easily docked with the tablet screen and was called Padfone series. Few of the products from this series are:

  1. PadFone E (A68M)
  2. PadFone (A66)
  3. PadFone Infinity Lite (A80C)
  4. PadFone Mini 4.3 (A11) etc

Common Problems in Asus Products

Problem in Motherboard: motherboard control the USB, audio, FireWire, power video, touchpad and keypad etc. You can face power problems in Motherboard in case their is a power surge or liquid spill. If you are facing any problem with the hardware then get in touch with the certified technician or contact Asus customer support. Getting right technical assistance will be beneficial then swapping the motherboard.

Asus Backlight and LCD: are you noticing the flickering of images or your screen is cracked, or your Asus laptop is turning black then without thinking much get in touch with the Asus certified engineer and make your laptop as new as it was when your purchased it for the first time. If you want a repair of your keyboard or you want to replace your missing keys, if the buttons of your laptops keep coming out, then my friend it’s time that you get your keyboard replaced. Replacing the keyboard is affordable and best way to increase and enhance the machine’s life and usability.

Overheating: If your Asus laptop is getting overheated, then get the cooling system checked timely. An inexpensive and timely repair will save your motherboard otherwise you have to get it replaced.

Why Asus?

Not just the leading brand, Asus has proved itself every now and then since 29 years. Be it a laptop, mobile phone or other computer hardware, Asus has and is delivering the best. Having its service centers across the globe, customers can easily get in touch at our TFN 1-800-828-6304 in case of any product related issues. They don’t have to wait or abandon their product due to the lack or unavailability of the right service when needed.

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