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If technology is your passion, and excellence your choice; Apple devices are your favorite toys.


Apple is a technology-based company that truly believes in providing quality gadgets to its customers worldwide. Each of their product and model epitomizes efficiency and performance above everything else. Apple Inc. is a thorough American technology based company headquartered in Cupertino, California. The company began operations in a garage with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne at the helm in the year 1976. Rated as the world’s largest technology firm in terms of revenue, Apple Inc. has come a long way, to say the least. It is also the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and the first US Company to have crossed the US $700 billion mark in terms of overall evaluation. The company has been developing products for the users who embrace futuristic vision of easy computing for better business decisions. All its products are unapologetically intuitive, secure and powerful, with an excellent App Store for support.


Apple believes in creating products that shall ease the way business decisions are taken and then executed. Apple products are famed to face minimal technical glitches and for providing maximum performance. Its long list of technology-based products include iPhones, iPads, iPods, iOS(Operating System), Apple Watches, Apple televisions, Computer peripherals , iTunes, Apple App Store as well as Electric Vehicles and Energy now. Apple basically designs, develops and retails processor-based consumer electronics, Computer Software and Online Services.


Apple products have been constantly redefining standards for a re-imagined future. Its most famous products include:

1. iPhones: From the basic iPhones to the latest iPhoneX, Apple has managed to create a worldwide loyal customer base, a feat few other technology brands have endeavored to achieve. The latest iPhone X has been empowered to develop as an intelligence device that shall understand its user’s choices. This futuristic smart-phone has a 5.8 inch screen with Super-retina display and OLED support.
2. APPLE COMPUTERS: Apple offers thin, lightweight Mac book laptops as the computer option to its customers worldwide. Powered by the Mac OS , the latest iMac pro is empowered with latest graphics, processors, retina 5K display, upto 18 cores and very large storage space to deliver a power-packed performance.
3. APPLE WATCH: The new watch series 3 is slated to be launched on 11th May, 2018. It shall enable sending messages, making calls, tracking workouts, setting reminders, etc. by just asking ‘Siri’ for it. It is also completely water-proof in nature.
4. iPads: This is where the computers are turning very compact and mobile. With a 9.7 inch screen and a sturdy, power-packed processor, iPads are easily able to multitask. Their latest A10 fusion chip technology combined with 64-bit architecture and a 4-core design, make them a performance-oriented device. iPads are also Augmented Reality enabled devices.
5. iPods: The latest iPod touch inculcates an 8 megapixel camera, 4-inch retina display screen and an A8 chip to play all your music and videos in the best o sound quality, when and where required.
6. iOS: It is the iPhone Operating System. This mobile operating system was created by Apple Inc. to solely empower its hardware including the iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, etc. It is the world’s second largest operating system in the world.
7. KEYNOTE: It is a powerful tool devised to develop powerful presentations. It helps business employees to collaborate in real-time and inculcate dazzling effects into presentations. Keynote also enables Apple Pencil in iPads to draw in real-time.
8. FINAL CUT PRO X: This is the Apple product for undertaking post-production work in Videos. It enables editing, audio motion graphics, 360degree video editing, advanced color grading and HDR support. It also allows Virtual Reality playback of videos.


If you have an apple device in your hand, and it seems to be puzzling you with an issue, help is always available close by.

  • Always remember that all Apple products including the iPhones, iPads, Mac, Apple TV, etc. are made available to the customer with 90 days of complimentary telephonic technical support. Thus, within this period you can call up their team to resolve any issue.
  • Once crossed that period, you can always contact our technical Apple experts for genuine advice. You could also choose to start an online conversation to gain support.
  • In case of an Apple Computer specifically, Mac OS has been pre-loaded with applications intended to help the user in fine-tuning their apple computer. These modules include:
  1. Your ‘MailApp’ shall help you set up your mail accounts and easily manage them in one place. You shall not be required to sign into different accounts again and again.
  2. If you also want Windows on your Mac apart from the MacOS, ‘BootCamp’ is available to help you through. Since installing and executing another parallel OS could be a tedious and risky job, just open BootCamp and it shall take you through the process very easily.
  3. ‘Safari’ is the Web-browser. It is the fastest way to browse internet on a Mac. It is the fastest and most responsive web-browser for the sites as well.
  4. ‘Photos’ lets you take photographs and then edit them as per your wish. It also accepts photographs shared from other devices and applications.
  5. ‘Quick Time Player’enables you to watch and listen to your favorite audio and video files on a Mac.
  6. ‘iMovie’ supports editing and sharing of 4K videos with high resolutions, sharpness and quality.
  7. ‘Pages’ enable you to create documents inculcating drawing with Apple Pencil as well.
  8. ‘Messages’ helps you send and receive texts as well as audio, video and image files.

For any further query call our talented pool of experts who are available 24/7 to keep you worry-free regarding the use of all Apple products.

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