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Adobe Systems Incorporated, an American multinational software company was formed in the year 1982 in December by Charles Geschke and John Warnock. Adding up to your knowledge, Logo of Adobe, which is “A” was designed by John Warnock’s wife, and a graphic designer Marva Warnock. Adobe’s main focus is on creativity and software products related with multimedia. As we all know how useful Photoshop has become for us these days, it is one of the most popular software, used in image editing. Then comes Adobe Creative Suite, it’s enhanced version, Adobe Creative Cloud and also Acrobat Reader, which is a global standard these days. Undoubtedly Adobe is counted amongst one of the great establishment. Adobe has always ensured the best digital experiences to everyone, be it a global name or a beginner.

Adobe’s Product Range and their Features

  • Adobe Photoshop, a tool widely used for multimedia and creative work. This tool has completely redefined the way, images were treated and edited till now. Graphic designing was revolutionized by Adobe and it is released in 26 languages.
  • Adobe InDesign is widely used to create brochures, newspapers, ebooks, posters, digital magazines etc. Principal users of this software are production artists and graphic designers. This is widely used in print media. Adobe InDesign is available in 24 languages.
  • Adobe Acrobat is a freeware and helps in printing, annotating and viewing the PDF files.
  • Adobe Muse a known website builder is quite popular among designers as it helps them to create fluid, fixed along with the adaptive websites. The best part is that they can do this without writing any code. Muse helps in generating static websites by allowing users to get their sites hosted, without relying upon any of the hosting provider.
  • Adobe Flash is a multimedia software that enables to create animations, desktop applications, mobile games, mobile applications etc.
  • Adobe Premiere Elements, published through Adobe Systems it is a known video editing software.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro helps in doing professional video editing with high resolution upto 10,240 × 8,192. It also provide VST audio plug-in support, Audio sample level editing and sound mixing.
  • Adobe Encore is basically a tool related with DVD authoring software. One can use audio and video resources in their actual development format, and ensures that they are trans coded to Dolby Digital audio and MPEG-2 video, once the project is done.
  • Adobe After Effect a motion graphics and a digital visual effects application, is widely used in television production and film making’s post production processes. After effects is also used in compositing, tracking and in animation as well. It also works at a basic level and functions as media trans coder and audio editor.
  • Adobe Captivate, an authoring tool is widely used in the creation of e-learning content, for example branched scenarios, software demonstrations, branched scenarios etc.
  • Adobe Presenter Video Express a software is widely used by video creators to mix and record the screen video feeds and mix webcam. It enables users to get the recording of video done from the webcam as well as screen simultaneously and to mix two tracks through simple user interface.
  • Adobe Content Server is used in adding the digital rights management for e-books. It ensures to protect the Adobe e-books and distribute them in EPUB or PDF format, through the Adobe Digital Editions or the devices and applications that are developed by using Adobe Reader Mobile, including smartphones and tablets etc.
  • Portable Document Format (PDF) was developed to present the documents along with the images and text formatting without being dependent on operation systems, hardware or application software.

Common Problems with Adobe and their Troubleshooting:

1. Software freezes before the startup screen

If the software freezes before the startup screen appears then get the validity of trial version checked. If the version you are using ended up prematurely then Adobe suggests to get the installation of trial version done on other system.

Reasons why the trial version ended up prematurely are:

  • Changing of time synchronization and date settings of the device
  • Changes in launch files or installation of the product
  • Permissions changed for launch files or installation

2. Issues in Serial number

Serial number panel will keep appearing till the time the software is purchased and you enter the valid serial number.

If the updated serial number is entered by you and still the disqualifying product is not found on the system, it will prompt to locate the same. Then go to the Select A Product menu to select the qualifying products and then add the serial number of the product in text field.

If the serial number is still not accepted or unavailable then get in touch with Adobe Technical support.

Issues in log in, password or Account

Enter the Adobe ID assigned to you and get your product registered. You can refer login FAQs if you need any help in using or creating the Adobe IDs, to see or check the Adobe account and passwords.

Activation problems

If the retail customers are facing the problems while the software is launched then activation panel gets displayed in case of any activation problems. Adobe enables the activation on 2 computers, but the user can use the software on one system at a time.

It happens often that revoked serial numbers are accepted by serial number panel, but sometimes during activation the serial numbers gets denied. To get the resolution of this problem go through the Activation and deactivation of Adobe products.

Customer Support

Adobe’s software are developed to give global brands and novice artists and designers all they need to create magic out of their ideas. It enables them to feel the exceptional digital experience. We ensure the intelligent service that is needed to solve all your complex challenges and problems. With us, you will work faster, smarter and better. Moreover, we ensure that the personalized and relevant experiences, by understanding what customers are looking for and then recommending them what is most suitable for them. For further issues related to Adobe, contact at our TFN 1-800-828-6304.

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