Acer is one of the renowned name known for it’s best and reliable products and best technical support services. Before talking about the Acer support we will have a quick overview about the company and its product related information.

Acer is a Multi tech company that was established in the year 1976 by Stan Shih and his wife. It’s headquarter is situated in Hsinchu city in Taiwan.It is one of the huge firms that has offices all over the world and provide services everywhere. Acer has a huge range of products that comprises of mainly Laptop PC’s, Desktop PC’s, Storage devices, Smartphones, Printer, Chrome books, Displays, Tablets and Virtual reality devices.

Going back to the history, Acer predominantly was a consultant firm in the field of Microprocessor technologies and later it became the supplier of the electronic parts, and now it is an established firm that is 41 years old with more than 8000 employee working. Acer manufactures the products while keeping in mind the convenience of customers, and provides excellent features and performing system at an affordable rate.

Significant Products

  • Extensa Series:

Acer has designed the Acer Extensa series for the business and office purpose with all the enhanced features and high processing speed.

  • Acer Iconia:

The Acer Iconia is basically a kind of tablet computer which was presented for the first time at New york in 2010.It’s display is made up of gorilla glass and won’t break easily if sometime it slips.

  • Acer Aspire:

Acer Aspire is a range of laptop that are made for the people who owns a small firm and can be used by the household users.This has various model series you can choose whichever is compatible for your requirements.

  • Acer Travelmate:

It is one of the most used series of Acer laptops as the travelmate is designed for the business professionals. It is very light in weight, easy to carry and is equipped with all the advanced features.

  • Acer Aspire Predator:

It is a high performance system that is developed mainly for the gaming purpose. It comprises of the distinguished features with futuristic computer chassis.

  • Acer TimelineX

Some of the latest features of Acer products includes:

  • GridVista for multi-windows support on dual display
  • Less power consumption
  • Intel Core 2 Solo, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon, AMD Turion or Santa Rosa Processors
  • CrystalBrite widescreen display for 3D gaming, movies and video
  • Crystal Eye webcam
  • GraviSense protects the hard disk in case of sudden change in position or motion, thus protect your crucial data
  • Wireless and LAN ready
  • SignalUp uses PIFA antenna for more uniform wireless signals
  • Built-in microphone
  • Higher reliability
  • InviLink Nplify supports advanced multiple radios
  • Video Conference relays your ideas better, clearer, faster and easier

Acer Support

Customer support is always available at your service you can contact us 24*7 to get the optimal solution of all the issues related to your acer devices be it laptop, tablet, printer anything. The enhanced and unconventional technology of Acer gives you the platform to work without any trouble. Although you might encounter some problems at times but that will be due to the incompatibility and software related Acer issues. We value our customer and always try to give the best output we provide services related to:

  • Software complexities and compatibility issues for Acer products
  • Windows and software installation for Acer laptops
  • Acer drivers support and General troubleshooting
  • Setting up and configuring Acer laptops
  • Handling Issues related to Acer printer requirements
  • Networking Support for both wired and wireless Acer Printers
  • Setting and Installation of all Acer Printers

Support for Acer Driver Downloads

Drivers are really important for a device to run and function properly. Acer provides online support for downloading the Acer drivers. You can easily search for the proper device driver by just putting the serial number of that particular product. Once you find the driver choose for the operating system you want to download since all the downloaded files are in zip format so extract them and install on your device. You can update the drivers using the free update driver tools. You can download the Drivers from the official site of Acer.

BIOS, Application and Acer Firmware Downloads

BIOS, Applications, and Acer Firmware update is provided in the official website of Acer. These updates are available in the form of .txt and .exe file these are the zip file you need to extract them prior the updating process begins. We have Acer product manuals through which you can get sufficient information on how to install, update or upgrade your drivers.

There are some usual issues that are faced by the customers using the Acer batteries like the problem in the circuit, piracy issues, lack in running time, electricity passing issue, etc. Our technical support is working on making the improvement in technical aspects of batteries.

For any information or query related to Acer product and services feel free to contact our Technical support team. We provide Technical support for all the Acer products and related issues. We also provide assistance for the networking related issues. We bestow the best services on our customers. We are here to solve all the complex challenges that you are facing while using the Acer products.

Our Technical Expert team is working diligently to make things work out the way customers want. We provide smart and quick solutions for the problems as our Technical Expert team knows the in and out of the Acer products issues and.

Qualified and technical experts are available at your service 24*7. They willingly help you in making the right choice for Acer product. Our highly experienced and motivated professionals are just a call away. .You can contact them on our toll free number 1-800-828-6304, they will provide the easiest and adequate solution of your problems.

Our Customer Support Team will assure the guaranteed best possible service so that you can rely on us for further assistance in future. You can also connect to us through emails and messages.

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