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About Microsoft

A giant firm, named as Microsoft Corporation came into being on April 4 1975. Headquartered in Redmond Washington, Microsoft licensed, supports, manufactures, and sells personal computers, consumer electronics and computer software and services. World rely upon the products and services offered by Microsoft, be it Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Windows line relate to the operating system, Edge web browsers and Internet Explorer. Microsoft as an organisation aspire to bring the best among the organisation and person, so that they may achieve more.

Few of the Microsoft Products are listed below:


• CLR Profiler
• JScript etc


• Simplygon
• Direct3D
• Paint 3D
• Kinect for Windows SDK etc

Digital Media Authoring:

• Microsoft Digital Image
• Photo Story
• AutoCollage 2008
• Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor etc


• Encarta
• Creative Writer
• Microsoft Student
• Microsoft Mathematics etc

Operating Systems:

• Microsoft Windows
• HomeOS etc

Features of Microsoft Products:


BASICA: this is known for adding valuable functions like storing the programs on DiskStation, diskette file access, draw circles and lines, set Colors etc.
GW-BASIC: MS-DOS included it in almost all the versions, hence it proves to be cost-effective way of learning the computer programming’s fundamentals by the aspiring programmers.
CLR Profiler: it helps user investigating the managed heap’s content, how does the garbage collector behave and the pattern of allocations, of profiled program
JScript: it is an Active Scripting engine. It could be plugged in to the OLE Automation applications, supporting Active Scripting for example: Internet Explorer, Windows Script Host etc


Simplygon: it could be availed as an API in 3D format interoperable interface, and will help in integrating with any of the proprietary or open format on Windows. Common format of FBX is available too. Simplygon also helps in optimising the 3D model and can be used for non-commercial activities as well.
Direct3D: it is the part of DirectX and uses Direct 3D in applications for rendering three-dimensional graphics, specially in cases where performance plays the major role, for example games
Paint 3D: it has all the significant features of 3D builder and Microsoft paint, which helps in combining lightweight 2D-3D hybrid editing experience. This allows users to play around and pull various shapes from app, Microsoft’s Remix 3D service and their computer
Kinect for Windows SDK: first generation of Kinect for Xbox 360 was developed in November 2010 with an aim to broaden up the audience of console beyond the typical game base. Then beta version was released by Microsoft of Kinect software development kit in June 2016 for Windows 7.

Digital Media Authoring:

Microsoft Digital Image: a digital program used for image editing was created by Microsoft and it was an enhanced version a successor of Microsoft Picture It!.
Photo Story: a free application it helps user in creating a visual story from the digital photos. You can play this story on your PC by using Windows Media Player.
AutoCollage 2008: it is a Microsoft photomontage desktop application that helps in creating collage from representative elements of various images. It also recognise objects and detect faces.
Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor: it supports variety of camera motions and have latest orientation adjustment, spherical and cylindrical projections.

Issues and there solutions

Issues related with General Functionality

Firms and companies using Microsoft’s product faces some issues while using the products and the reason could be that the installation was done by the individuals who were not Microsoft certified.


Ensure that if you have to get done the installation of any Microsoft related products and services then contact the certified individuals or certified company and get the latest systems and software installed.

Updating Reboots without prior Warning

Windows 10 operating system require the good internet connection to work properly. Ensure that you get all the updates installed and downloaded timely and also make sure that reboot is also done after installation. Reboot sometimes happen without prior notice which could lead to data loss and can leave you annoying causing massive inconvenience.


In order to answer this issue, go to the settings first and then update and security and then to windows update, in the same order. Then click on the Advanced Options and then click on Notify to Schedule Restart. It will ensure that your operating system confirm before starting the reboot, instead of starting it directly.

Windows Insisting for the Edge Usage

Since the old Internet Explorer app is replaced, each version of Windows now is launched with Edge browser, set as a default browser. Those who uses Firefox and Chrome for working, won’t get these pre-installed. It happens because Microsoft asks to use Edge on Windows 10 platform.


Problem to this solution is easiest and most convenient one. What all you have to do is find the compatible version of Chrome or Firefox for Windows 10 and continue working in hassle free manner.

Issue in Server Platforms

Firms that are using Mucor based infrastructure for computing encounters the problem in their server platform, which disrupts the smooth functioning of all the other connected users and platforms.


Server that is operating your infrastructure determines the operations and their scale and how smoothly will it run. Hence choosing the right server is of vital importance. Choose the server as per the needs of your company before you install or run it.

Microsoft Customer Support

You can contact our customer support if you are facing any problem, related to any of the Microsoft products and services.

Our experts are available at your service 24*7. They won’t just help you in resolving your problems but will also help you in making the right choice for Microsoft product. You can also ask them about any previous purchase from physical or online store.

Our extremely experienced and talented professionals are just a call away. You can call them anytime and they will ensure that you remain tension free, by providing you the swift and adequate solution of your problems. All the information you wanted to have, all the questions running through your mind will be answered in best possible way, because Microsoft Support Services comes us with various solutions.

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