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A computer virus is a computer program which gets attached to programs or documents, and then copies itself into additional programs or documents. Some viruses will do the copying process while others can be more harmful which will slow down the system or even damage or destroy important files which consists of sensitive information or won’t let you start the computer. To make your computer secure should be the foremost objective for every individual. Keeping anti-virus program up-to-date, creating alphanumeric and lengthy passwords for all your online profiles and modifying them on regular intervals will protect you. Also, follow some of the below given tips for virus protection which can protect your system against all types of viruses.

1. Cross Verify Your Firewall Settings

Keep a check on your firewall settings is not at all a complicated process. If you have a windows system, access control panel. Type “firewall” in the search box. You’re good to go if your firewall settings are “on”. If have a Mac system, then click on the Apple icon appearing in toolbar, select “system preferences,” then “security,” then “firewall.” Also, do not share all your folders on Home Network, keep only few of them. If you want that your files should be disabled and not to be accessed by machines, then simply deactivate media and file sharing completely.

2. Perform Complete Data Backup

In case your system gets crashed or may be electrical outrage or lighting storm has happened, then there are chances that you might lose all your system data. Backing up your data will be helpful in such situations and also if your system is hit by any type of malware, which will have the power to encrypt your sensitive information. Schedule an automatic backup or you can also transfer important files manually to an external hard disk. If your data is not huge, then you can also use Drop box for storing data up to 2GB is free.

3. Avoid Accessing Rogue Websites

It is not easy to recognize a rogue website. Rogue websites are those websites which people often access because it has a similar name to that of a popular website. Following certain tips can prevent you accessing such sites. Always look for a lock in the address bar or not and “https://” should be present at the starting of the URL of banking sites or entering your bank details or even visiting your web mails. If you are doing online shopping, then check whether if the site ships products from overseas, if yes then ensure that you the sites is not sending any clickable links in your email, instead it sends to the website directly.

4. Avoid Trusting Attractive Deals

Suppose you might see attractive deals which says 95% off on your favourite product, it might not be true. In current digital world, there are numerous websites which are just there to trap customers by showing incredible deals, just to capture some sensitive information like your sensitive information like credit card details and afterwards it will not appear for the products which it was showing earlier. Try to read about such sites over the internet and make sure not to access them.

5. Never Disclose Personal Data

Any information which is used to identify you can be termed as sensitive information. It doesn’t matter which website you access; always be very cautious of the personal information you disclose. Never give any information related to your driving license number, bank account details, social security particulars, credit card details unless and until you completely trust a website, same goes for all the social networking profiles. Revealing even a minor data like your last name could lead to individuality theft.

6. Don’t Open Emails from Unknown Senders

Avoid opening an email from an unidentified or distrustful source, and absolutely don’t open any attachments. Also keep an eye of emails coming from your contact list people. Why? There could be chances that at times not yours but the sender’s mail account has been hacked. If you see an email which has a suspicious link from someone in your contact list with whom you communicate on regular intervals, then delete the unusual content, and directly inform the person that their account might have been hacked. It will benefit you and your known senders to prevent from hacking scams.

7. Use a pop-up blocker

Use a robust pop up blocker which by defaults all the pop ups while accessing websites or ask user intervention in case any pop-up needs to be allowed. In case you find any suspicious pop-ups, then block them.

Last but not the least one of the best solution to have a complete security is one of the best antivirus software which provides internet security defends your computer against all types of viruses, and also supports additional features like parental controls. Even the most attentive users face the risk of attacking up malware on their systems. If your system slows down, promptly shutting down of the computer, homepage change, faster battery draining issues, crashes, or repeats error messages, then without a second thought your machines has been affected. Following aforesaid points will surely protecting you from viruses and data loss. Take some time today to ensure you’re protected than to feel sorry in future.

Got a virus or malware? Still confused what effective measures to take? If you need any type of assistance regarding with removal of malware, virus or rootkit from your system, then call our technicians at Toll Free Number 1-800-828-6304 which are available 24*7 to help you. They can resolve any type of issues your security, system performance complications or any additional problem that you might not be able to resolve. We can perform a comprehensive check on your entire computer system, attached devices and network to leave no stone unturned to make your data secure.

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