Setup of Antivirus


A computer running without an antivirus is more susceptible to get infected within minutes of connecting to the internet. Once your system is infected, chances are higher that you will suffer from some critical data loss or damage much before the infection is entirely removed. Generally, windows are considered as the most virus-prone operating system (OS) as compared to Mac OS. But still it is required in both operating systems. The main objective of Antivirus software is to scan all the files, comparing specific bits of code compared to information in its database and in case of any duplicate pattern found in the database, then it is considered to be a virus. After detecting malware, the software will quarantine or delete that particular file and also protect your computer from malware that comes through e-mails, flash drives, file downloads, browsing websites and much more.

What to look for in Antivirus Software?

Whether your system is protected against threats and malware or not is solely dependent on the type of antivirus software you select. There are numerous vital features that you should look for in any program before installing it on your computer.

1. Protection Against All Types of Malware

This is a very important feature which will protect your system against trojans, viruses, and spyware which can make your computer to malfunction or destroy your data.

2. Anti-Browser Exploits

Browser exploits generally involve website code that is written to take advantage of a susceptibility in a web browser. For example, a technique called “click jacking” is often used by hackers which will embed code on a web page that almost ‘steals’ your click and converts it in an action which was not performed by you. For example, if you are on a webpage and you have clicked on ‘Cancel’ and but it will take it as ‘Confirm for a scenario Yes’, I’d like to transfer all my money to a particular account”.

3. Email Security or Protection

If an antivirus program has email protection features, then it will have the capability to scan, block and delete all outbound and inbound emails which consists of infected attachments and URLs to malicious websites.

4. Automatic Virus and Program Updates

Updates plays a vital role in any kind of antivirus software. In this digital era, every single day different types of malware are constantly being developed, so it is of utmost importance that program should also be updated on a frequent basis and provide protection against new threats. You might miss important updates if the process is manual and might miss important new protections and expose your system to infection, so choose only that antivirus program which supports automatic installation of updates. As soon as you are connected to the internet, software should check for new updates and automatically download and install them if they are available.

5. Auto Clean Up

Go for an antivirus which immediately performs auto cleanup if any virus is detected on the system. Some programs just put the malware in quarantine zone once detected, requires user intervention to manually delete it. The moment they are detected should be deleted as they can be potentially harmful to your system. It’s always advisable to select a software that uses an auto-clean feature to get rid of malwares instantly.

How to Setup Antivirus Program in Windows/Mac System?

Step 1: Purchase an Antivirus

Keeping in mind all the above features, buy an antivirus from a reliable source, because chances are more that downloading from unreliable sites can make your system more vulnerable to malware. Also, read online user reviews about different software. Make sure to activate Microsoft’s Windows Defender, which is a free anti-malware application in your system before installing any other program. Although, Mac OS X is much more secure as compared to Windows because the way system software has been designed, but Mac systems also require a good antivirus.

Step 2: Installation Process

Before installing any anti-malware close all the programs running in your system. Connect to the internet for downloading supplementary updates and files. Make sure not to install any additional toolbars as they might alter your search options.

Step 3: Update Software

Once installation is done, restart your computer and update the program. Make sure to connect to chosen antivirus program’s servers and download the latest updates. Mostly these programs are set to automatic update. Verify the settings to guarantee that you are receiving the essential updates.

Step 4: System Scan

After installation and updating process, scan your computer. It could take quite a few hours, depending on the number of files to be scanned and your computer’s speed.

Step 5: Schedule a Scan

Try to set an automatic schedule for regular scanning of your system and select a time when your computer will be on but you won’t be using it. Ideally, this process should be done once in a week and can be done more frequently depending upon the infected files are discovered.

Step 6: Update Windows/Mac OS Frequently

The best technique for keeping your computer protected is to always make sure that your copy of Windows/Mac is up to date. Ensure that security updates for Windows are up to date as Microsoft releases them on regular intervals which can fix exploitable areas of Windows. Also keep your Mac up to date as Apple releases security patches regularly to ensure that your system is secure.

In the recent computing world, antivirus is the need of the hour. Without them even your system does not work properly and hackers can easily steal your bank account details, credit card details, passwords, logins, transaction keywords, and even your identity. They can also tamper your documents that are stored “safely” on your computer. As a result, your computer’s speed can slow down drastically. Having a best antivirus program can save you from these threats. There are chances that you might face difficult while installing antivirus and that is when our support team can come for your rescue. We have dedicated and certified experts that are available 24*7*365 for providing you instant antivirus technical support for downloading of software to installation and updating it. We can also guide you to choose a best quality reliable antivirus. You can reach out to our Toll Free Number 1-800-828-6304 for any further queries on Anti-virus.

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