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In this day and age, virtual existence has become almost mandatory to keep oneself up to date and open to opportunities. The same openness exposes you to online malware, threats, thefts and cyber crimes too. So it goes without saying that maintaining your online safety is crucial. To help you in your safety combat against cyber risks and dangers, Norton antivirus software plays a major role.

Norton is anti-malware software which has been developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation since 1991. Its long-standing successful history is a self-evidence of this security product’s competitiveness and reliability. Whether you have Microsoft Windows or Mac computer, Norton gels well with both. It is compatible with both android and iOS mobiles and tablets too. It is a one-stop safety solution for all your devices that protect you against viruses, spyware, malware and other online attacks. Norton uses the feedback of more than 175 million Norton users to identify incoming threats in the form of files and applications and therefore proactively protects your devices. So feel safe and powerful as you connect where ever and whenever.

Norton Antivirus comes with an easy to download setup. The services are offered in three editions:

1. Standard (Protection for one device),
2. Deluxe (Protection for 5 devices), and
3. Premium (Protection for 10 devices.)

The price of these services varies based on the number of devices you wish to secure and the duration for which you wish to use the services. As you go up the range Norton family offers online storage for up to 25 GB in addition to PC backup of your personal files, photos, videos and so on! Not only this, they offer services such as:

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy: Norton understands the need of using public Wi-Fi when you are on the go. Norton Wi-Fi privacy compliments your active life. The smart software encrypts the data you send and receive when using public Wi-Fi, ensuring your safety all the time.

Norton Mobile Security: In today’s world we are so heavily dependent on our mobiles. We surf the net, share our information and download so many files almost every day. With this kind of usage, a protection becomes critically important. Norton’s proactive protection keeps your online privacy intact so that you feel safe as you enjoy the benefit of life online on your mobiles and tablets.

Norton Family Premier: The new online educational advancements in the form of virtual teaching and smart learning has been a boon to our children in educational and enjoyment sector. At the same time, Norton understands the worry of the parents to keep their children safe and keep their exposure to the vast world of internet optimal. Norton Family Premier helps your kids to balance their time spent online. It avoids unsafe websites and suspicious downloads. Additionally, it inculcates good habits of optimal sharing of information online.

Mobile Device Tracking: Norton makes every effort to keep your life hassle free and smooth. In the times where you misplace your mobile phone or in the case of theft, this software comes in handy to locate and retrieve it.

Norton family has paid a special attention to computer users (both the Windows and Mac users) to ensure their safe interaction with the online world. Let’s first look into some of the key features of Norton Antivirus which are specially designed for Windows computers:

  1. ‘SONAR Behavioral Protection’ is a smart feature of Norton Antivirus that reads the signs if a file or application is malicious and dangerous for your computer.
  2. ‘Safe Web for Facebook’ is again a very helpful feature for our heavily Facebook dependent lives. It scans the Facebook walls, new feeds to look for any potential threats and links to any unsafe sites.
  3. ‘Always Up to Date’ feature helps you stay worry-free as you enjoy the all-round protection. It automatically downloads and installs important products to maintain your online safety.
  4. ‘Insight+ Optimized File Copy’ feature speeds up the computer scanning time as it smartly optimizes its time by only going through the new and unknown files while leaving the already checked files untouched.

The list of features doesn’t end here! Norton offers exciting other smart features such as Spam Blocking, Identity safe, Smart Two-Way Firewall, Automatic Backup etc for your Windows computer. Further, Norton has paid equal attention to Mac computer users too. Let’s look at some of the features here:

  1. ‘Essential Online Protection’ feature helps to protect your Mac from viruses, spyware and other threats, without slowing your computer.
  2. ‘Location Awareness’ is a smart feature that lets you adjust the level of online protection based on your location such as the country you are in, and other locations such as office, home, cafe etc.
  3. ‘Mac Application Controls’ allows you to control your Mac’s applications when they come in contact with the internet. Additionally, it also lets you control who can connect to your Mac, what they can do and see.
  4. ‘Smart Two-Way Firewall’ blocks unsafe incoming traffic by preventing strangers from accessing your home network.

The list of benefits further stretches to Vulnerability Protection, Daily Protection Updates, Antiphishing Technology, Confidential File Guard etc.
Norton Antivirus has maintained its promise of supporting and protecting you online since 1991 and looks forward to many such years of strong safety and trust. For any further queries, you can call our talented team of experts who can provide you with customized support. They are available 24/7 to help you regarding any issues towards Norton Antivirus Support.

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