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No matter how careful you are when you use your laptop or PC, your system is bound to be affected by harmful virus, malware and other threats, which can damage your system, your files and folders can be deleted, and most important of all, your identity and personal information are at security threats. Nowadays, the whole world is connected to the Internet. Right from browsing to checking mails, from online shopping to online tutorials, right from using it at home or at office, there is nothing that we can do without the use of the Internet. Along with the growth of Internet technologies, there is also increased growth of hackers, cyber crimes and harmful viruses and online threats. Whether the system is used for personal or professional purposes, it is thus, very essential to protect the system. The best way to protect your system is to have anti-virus software installed on it.

A brief idea on computer virus

A virus is a computer threat that can affect your system without your knowledge when you visit some harmful websites or download corrupt files and emails attachment. These malicious threats can steal sensitive private information, delete valuable data, or damage the system. Computer viruses are very harmful as they damage your important files, access your data, make your computer disks unreadable, slow down your system, steal your email or personal address or corrupt or delete your data. Overall, computer viruses are not only harmful to your computer but also harmful to your personal identity.

What is anti-virus software?

Antivirus software is needed to detect and removes viruses from your laptop or PC. It is a program that scans and cleans your system that identifies viruses, worms, trojans, and other online threats, and eliminates them, and also prevents these malicious viruses from infecting your system again. Thus, mere installation of antivirus software is not enough. You also require constant monitoring and upgrading of the software as and when required.

Why antivirus software installation is necessary?

Different types of viruses can affect your system in different ways, and there are, infact a large number of viruses developed every day. You never know when a virus will attack your system. Just by opening an email attachment or by downloading a corrupt file or simply by surfing on a harmful website, your system might get affected. And that is why it is recommended to install antivirus software to safeguard the PC and laptop. Installation of antivirus software can help you in many ways:

Provides protection: It provides real-time protection. Once the laptop or the PC is switched on, the software quickly scans your system, detects and removes infected files or programs. It also destroys any malicious code detected.
Prevents malicious downloads: Antivirus software scans all the files. Incase if a threat is identified in a particular file, the software will prevent it from being downloaded at the first place. Same applies for malicious email attachments.
Promotes safe banking and online payment: You can be rest assured that with antivirus software installed on your system, you also protect your online transactions and payments.
Scans hard drive: Antivirus also scans the hard drive. This makes all apps, programs and data virus-free.
Scans removable media like USB, CD drives: Antivirus software also scans removable media to detect and removes virus whenever they are connected to the system.
Speeds up computer: Antivirus software helps a system to function efficiently and also improves its speed.


Need help in antivirus installation? Contact us

You must have reliable antivirus software to safeguard your PC and laptop to avoid all the issues caused by the viruses.

If you are looking for a reliable antivirus software installation on your computer system, contact us at 1-800-828-6304. We provide easy assistance to install the software. Call us, and our tech support team will guide on this. Our experts will give you a step-by-step guide to install antivirus software. Not only that, our support team will also help you in running the software and upgrading it when it is expired. If required, we can also send our professionals at your location to install the software and explain it to you how to run it. Time-to-time, our tech support team can visit your place, scan and clean the system to improve the overall speed and performance of the system.

Connect with us to get antivirus software for your system

Usually, you can install antivirus software on your own by downloading it for free or by paying a subscription fee to download it online and use it for a specific period of time. Once the period is over, you can renewing the payment and upgrade the software. Call us for an easy installation. It is very simple and easy.

  • All you need is to acquire the antivirus software
  • To begin the installation process, double-click on the installer
  • Follow the wizard to install the software
  • Remove your existing antivirus software
  • Accept the terms and agreements
  • Do not change the other default settings
  • Click on Finish
  • Your installation is complete
  • Now run the software for scanning and cleaning

Are you facing problem installing antivirus software? Connect with us immediately

Contact us at Toll Free Number 1-800-828-6304 for an easy installation, incase if you are not being able to do it. We can also help you in other issues. Even after installation, you might face issues which can be resolved only by an expert. In case, your antivirus starts behaving unusual, does not open or run, or your system becomes very slow or keeps on freezing or hanging and so on, it means that there is something wrong on the software, or the installation process is wrong or the software need an upgrade. Take the help of our expert support to sort theses issues as soon as possible.

Call us at TFN 1-800-828-6304. We are available 24 hours to offer you uninterrupted services. We can give you a detailed guidance on antivirus installation over the phone or we can provide you onsite support at your doorstep whereby the technicians will fix the installation and other issues. We will install the antivirus software for you. Our technical experts are available 24/7 to remotely install and optimize your antivirus software for your system.

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