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One of the main reasons for some basic problems in computer is the absence of anti-virus software on the system. In many cases, even if we had installed it, we forget to renew the license on time, the software gets expired, and the computer gets affected by virus, causing great problems to the user. Installation of anti-virus software on the computer is something that most users ignore, though this is one of the essential requirements for efficient performance of your computer or laptop, and also for protecting the owner from losing his important data from corrupted files or from hackers. In-fact, when a computer is attacked by a virus, it is a security threat to you, your documents, your personal information as well as your system.

What are computer viruses?

Computer viruses are usually malicious computer programs or computer codes, which are written to destroy computer files, steal important personal information or to steal cash through an online transaction. Such codes are written by expert hackers and they hack into popular sites to steal information or to obtain private information or damage files on a computer. If a host computer is affected by a virus, the virus spreads to other computers connected to it, thereby destroying many systems at one go. Computer viruses are very dangerous threats.

Types of viruses

Your system can be affected by various viruses. Some of these viruses are:

Worms: Codes which are replicated to other computers on a network, and slows the working of the systems.
Trojans: These viruses perform malicious functions on the system without the knowledge of the owner.
Malware: Commonly referred as spyware, this is not actually a virus but software, which gets installed on the computer without the knowledge of the user and gathers personal information.
Boot virus: It affects the boot sector of a floppy or hard disk of your computer.
Overwrite virus: This type of virus may not be dangerous to the entire computer, but it can be very frustrating to the user, as it deletes the contents of any file which gets infected.
Resident virus: Such a virus installs itself on a computer, creating a dangerous threat to the computer. It works even if the original source of the infection has been removed.
Direct action virus: A direct action virus does not install itself but it gets attached to particular type of file (usually .com or.exe files). When someone uses that file, the virus looks for similar files in the directory and spreads.

What happens when your computer is affected by a virus?

  • Your computer runs slowly
  • Your computer does not boot up
  • Your system has damaged parts without your knowledge
  • Your operating system changes without your knowledge
  • Your personal data gets accessed or stolen
  • Your passwords get stolen
  • Your computer send outs unauthorized messages
  • Your data gets corrupted
  • Your contacts get spammed
  • Your important documents and folders may be deleted
  • Your system gets damaged etc.

Solution: Use anti-virus protection on your computer

It is very essential to protect your computer or laptop from these unwanted and malicious viruses and the best way to do this is to install anti-virus software on your system. Anti-virus protection is very essential to safeguard your system from harmful viruses. Anti-virus protection is needed to prevent, detect and remove viruses from your computer, and this is possible by installing anti-virus software on your system. It works by a scanning process, which starts as soon as your computer is switched on. The scanning process helps to detect the malicious files and programs, which are eventually removed, and thus, it protects your system.


  • Anti-virus software prevents the computer from being attacked by harmful virus, worms, trojans and other kinds of malware
  • It provides protection from online computer threats
  • It makes your computer secure and clean
  • It speeds up your computer
  • Anti-virus protection also identifies suspicious websites, files, programs, and block them from being downloaded to your system
  • It protects the computer from incoming threats

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Your computer needs anti-virus protection and you cannot ignore this. Anti-virus protection is an important investment to all offices, educational institutions, organizations and even individual users. You can download free anti-virus software online or you can opt for paid subscription services for anti-virus protection. However, it is always advisable to take the help of a professional support for anti-virus if you need protection of your system for all the year round.

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Protect your computers against all types of harmful viruses. We have a team of professional experts, who can help you with the installation and configuration and upgrading. We can also help you to choose the best antivirus software as per your security level requirements as there are many software available offering different degrees of protection. So, our professional team can advise you the best software at an affordable rate, and also help with the installation.

Our anti-virus protection services include:

  • Removal of virus
  • Protection from viruses
  • Installation of anti-virus software
  • Updating an already installed anti-virus software to the latest version
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Anti-virus help and support
  • Scan and clean the system from viruses, spyware, malware
  • Updating of security software
  • Optimization of your computer’s speed and performance etc.

Why us?

  • We provide 24/7 customer support whenever and wherever you require
  • Our solutions are available at affordable rates, as per market standards
  • We have a proficient team of tech support, who are experts in this domain to help you maximize the protection of your computer
  • We provide real-time monitoring so as to lessen your risk. This means that our team can identify threats the moment they appear and remove them immediately.

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Connect with us. Give us a call at 1-800-828-6304 to reach us anytime around the clock for unlimited support. Our company provides the best anti-virus protection support services. We are available 24 hours to offer you the best services that you can ask for. We assure 100% protection of your computer through our anti-virus protection services. Use our anti-virus support services and do not worry about possible threats of your computer.

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